Music Monday: May 6, 2013

Mondays are always hard...

Mondays are always hard…

Let shake off that Monday Blue with a little dance. Girl group 7Sense released the rehearsal version of the choreography for their upcoming single “Passion Petal“; The new single is another Zhong Guo Feng choreography incorporating fan. I hope the MV for this single will be much better than the one for “Spring Chant“. Watch the choreography below.

New Releases

Wanting Qu released the MV for her English single Drenched. Like the previous MV for “You Exist In My Song” this MV features Wanting playing the piano for the backtrack. I have to say this MV is very western with the whole “study/flirt session in the library” and the whole “lonely girl sees her crush flirting with another girl at their locker“. When I first heard the song I felt like I was listening to a collaboration between the new Avril and the old Swifty.

Bibi Zhou decided to runaway all the way to the Netherlands to shoot this MV for her single “Running Away“. The MV features a beautiful field of tulip flowers, which was in full bloom during the filming period.

Is this cartoon-like MV for “Similar People” from Ji Jie is another fail attempt to fit into the idol category?

Competition Performances

Top Combine returned to Songs of Legend to perform Yu Shuzhen’sOur Life is Full of Sunshine“. It is an insert song for a popular (and one of the first) Chinese romantic movie from the 1970s.

Speaking of Top Combine, leader Zhang Yuan‘s been getting in touch with his feminine side for Your Face Sounds Familiar. Zhang Yuan dolled himself up to perform Li Yugang‘s “The Drunken Beauty“.

This serious looking father decided to try and impress the judges of X-Factor China with a rock ‘n’ roll version of Jolin Tsai‘s “36 Love Strategies“. Of course this is not the first time someone decided to rock out to this song.

This guy’s dedication to music sure shows through his music. To impress the judges on X-Factor China, he rewrote the lyrics to Vitas’s Opera 2… he’s lyric is about not washing his hair for days

This Week’s Relevant OSTs

This insert song for Genius vs Muggle serves as an introduction of the guys bromance in the drama. For a series that has really nice outfits, what were they thinking with those cheerleading uniforms?! Ans are they going to the same school as Chu Yuxun and H4? Watch the trailer for Genius vs Muggle here.

Happy Noodle starring Li Fei’er (Movie Let’s Date) and Yoon Shiyoon (KDrama Flower Boy Next Door) began airing last week. The drama is about… a fight over the succession of a family noodle shop? Actually, I’m not sure what the main plot is about since I’m spending most of the time skipping through the drama searching for the cute Li Fei’er and Yoon Shiyoon scenes.

The theme song to Huang Xiaoming‘s Patroit Yue Fei was released, featuring the voices of Emil Chau and Tarcy Su

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9 thoughts on “Music Monday: May 6, 2013


    Did the judges on The X-Factor just… pretend not to recognise Jess Lee? She’s the winner of One Million Star, after all. And she’s reasonably well known…
    Makes me wonder why she even needs to audition for this show. But I assume she’s a bit of a reality TV singing contest junkie, because she has been in a lot of them.

    • These four people actually might not know her, but I feel like Zhu Dan should. Also, slams head at all of her fans criticizing Eason Chan and Zheng Jun …

      • I thought Eason, at least, should have known who she was. Jess was nominated Best New Singer at the Golden Melody Awards last year, and Eason was right there in the audience. And she had a lot of airplay for a couple of her songs, too, so even if none of the judges recognised her face, at least her voice should have given it away…

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