“Wuthering Heights” adapted to Republican era


Is this how you pictured Heathcliff and Catherine Earnshaw?

A late-Qing/Republican era Chinese series,  directed by an ethnic-Kazakh trained in Soviet Russia,  based on a British novel?

Nesound entertainment (Hello Gorgeous, Ugly Wudi, My Fair Princess/Huan Zhu Ge Ge)  introduces Seeking my own future 明日已太远, an adaptation of  Emily Brontë’s Wuthering Heights, but set in late-Qing/ Republican era of China.

This won’t be director Jana Shah’s first time directing a foreign novel, though. In fact, she directed the first ever Chinese television series adapted from a foreign novel, How the Steel Was Tempered, back in 1999. Shah, who did an excellent job with my favorite red drama When We Were Young, said that she hopes to adapt even more foreign novels. In addition to the common manga adaptations, will we see other foreign literature being adapted?  We already have a Five dynasty/Ten Kingdom Period Hamlet, and now a late-Qing Heathcliff,  what’s next?  Tang-dynasty Lolita?  Ming-dynasty d’Artagnan?

7 thoughts on ““Wuthering Heights” adapted to Republican era

  1. Does anybody know if this drama follows the events of the novel Wuthering Heights closely? To be honest…. I actually don’t want it to end up like the novel :/

  2. This sounds so cool! Also, is there more info I can find about Jiana Shahati? She sounds like an incredibly talented and interesting lady. Thanks!

    • She most does red dramas, so I feel like most of her dramas would probably not ring well with a lot of people overseas … I first heard about her because she directed 恰同学少年, which is a really amazing TV series.

  3. This sounds neat. It would definitely be super interesting to have ancient works set in modern times but I guess really complicated storylines are a pain to adapt.

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