Photoshoot Friday: May 3, 2013

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Isn’t Tong Liya adorable here? The rest of her shoot is more sophisticated and dreamy; look at it below the cut! The actress is currently leading in the television adaption of Aftershock. Meanwhile, Liu Shishi (Desert Melody is still stalled with SARFT, it seems, hooray! unfortunately). Laure Shang tosses in the black-and-white elegance for this round-up, though she’s got competition from Li Qin (the actress is posing for Chic! Elegance, after all!). Li Qin is currently filming new modern idol series The Heiress Returns 千金归来 with Li Yifeng and Li Wei. Zhao Liying‘s drama with Chen Xiao, Female Prime Minister, is finally coming out this weekend; fittingly, she’s smiling very sweetly in this post. Asides from that, Tang Wei is also in this post; no sign of any men, though…
01. Liu Shishi for Self (more here)

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02. Laure Shang for L’Officiel Hommes (Men), with more here.
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 photo 704_952710_202931_zps3c3b27b4.jpg
03. Actress Li Qin for Chic!Elegance. She’s currently filming new modern idol series The Heiress Returns 千金归来 with Li Yifeng and Li Wei.

04. Zhao Liying (more here)
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05. Tang Wei
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06. Tong Liya (more here)
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