“Muggle vs Genius” to air this week!

Featuring an all post-90’s cast of mostly Shanghai Drama Academy Class of 2013 students, medical school idol drama  Muggle vs Genius is finally airing this weekend!

Shanghai Drama’s really breaking out early recently. Their graduating class of 2015 had a really successful run with “Spicy Female Soldiers”  that was ranked 44 in overall watched dramas and has just announced a sequel, and Class of 2014 Dilraba is of course starring in Yang Mi-produced “Micro Times”.  Where’s all the Beijing and Central guys (minus lead Lu Hong, of course)?

Has anyone else been watching Li Youwei’s “Two Fathers” aka almost as much sexual tension as Sherlock and Watson?

13 thoughts on ““Muggle vs Genius” to air this week!

  1. Beijing/Central film academy seems to focus more on long term and quality. I think Shanghai academy’s students tend to have lower quality in acting. They are beautiful in physical looks but their acting is not as good as the overall acting quality of central or Beijing film academy. Shanghai’s academy is better than the other two academies in marketing. It should be noted that Shanghai’s academy has more money and connections because of its investments and location. It uses its connections/money to create these productions and help their students win contracts and get roles. Beijing/Central film students have to work their way or get lucky by getting handpicked by the production companies.

    • I read something online that sounds kind of true, it said “Beijing create celebrities, Central create actors, Shanghai create idols”. A lot of Beijing alumni branch out into music or directing/production. Ppl from Central tend to take serious role or act in a “serious” fashion even in an idol drama. And a lot the poplar actors in the “idol” category graduated from Shanghai. They’re all successful but have different career paths and preferences due to their education.

      • Hey that’s interesting! I’ve never heard that quote before, but looking at the graduates/celebrities from these academies, it certainly seems to prove true :P

    • I feel like if Shanghai Drama can graduate someone like Yu Zheng, who said he shakes in front of the camera and can’t act at all, that says a lot … but it’s true that they’re all really good-looking (I’m sure Yu Zheng was back in the days), whereas a lot of Central people aren’t always that attractive.
      Beijing Film students probably have the best network, though, since Beijing produces a lot of famous directors and other film-related positions. A lot of Central Drama people go into theatre, so they probably don’t have as many connections in film/TV.

  2. Even though I’m post-90 I still feel old looking at the cast’s age. And Lu Hong is so damn good looking! It’s been a while since I’ve been “wowed” by an actor’s face lol

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