Weibo Wednesday: April 24-May 1

Eddie Peng has been enjoying major success with his movies in the past two years: LOVE (爱), Tai Chi 0 (太极1), Tai Chi Hero (太极2), and Cold War (寒战) all surpassed 100 million at the box office, and at last count, A Wedding Invitation (分手合约) brought in 180 million RMB in sales and is expected to reach the 200 million mark.

Apart from having the Midas Touch at the box office, it seems as though Eddie might have another superpower. Did Eddie travel back in time to help shape U.S. politics by becoming one of Barack Obama‘s high school basketball teammates?

新视线: # 老照片# 奥巴马和他的队友们(1977年)

Outlook Magaine: #Old Photo# Obama and his teammates (1977)
Fan: @Eddie Peng, are you sure that’s not you on the bottom left corner?
Eddie Peng: Yep, that’s me.

Unfortunately, no one else in this week’s Weibo Wednesday seems to have developed any awesome superpowers, but that’s okay, we love them anyway.

Lin Gengxin bums around on Weibo while everyone else prepares dinner. To be honest, I’m only posting this picture because of his adorable Sesame Street T-shirt.

林更新: 朋友们在为晚饭忙碌,我负责旁边监工。

My friends are bustling over dinner. I’m in charge of standing by them and overseeing the work.

Oh, Top Combine and their perpetually changing hairstyles. It looks like Jin Ensheng stole Zhang Yuan‘s hairstyle from their Luck, You Are Here album cover, whereas Liu Zhoucheng sorta has the same hairstyle but with a different color. As for Ma Xueyang… I don’t even know.

至上励合刘洲成kenny: 人气组合奖。金曲奖。继续努力。

Audience Choice Group Award. Music Radio Award. Will continue striving.

One of the best things about Weibo is when celebrities post pictures of themselves with their cute pets! Here is Kai Ko with his dog.

柯震東Kai: 每天早上都要和妳好好恩愛一下

Every morning I must be affectionate with you for a bit.

Ady An is busy filming but tries to show off her motherly side in her free time. Unfortunately, all she ended up doing was make a little girl cry. Oops.

安以轩: 好久不見的「結婚流水席」。白天拍到黑夜……抓個小孩來玩玩唄 然後她哭了

A “wedding banquet” that I haven’t seen in a long time. Filming from daytime to nighttime… Grabbed a child to play with. And then she cried.

Stylist Teacher Xiao P (of is now styling cappuccinos.

小P老师: 此时,来杯什么心情呢

What kind of cup of mood would you like now?

Huang Xiaoming continues to be the Good Friend You Should Have Married by supporting Vicki Zhao Wei‘s new movie, So Young (致我们终将逝去的青春). To watch more of their friendship, check out Zhao Wei’s appearance on A Date with Luyu (说出你的故事), on which Xiaoming made a surprise appearance.

黄晓明: 今天请亲朋好友去看 @致我们终将逝去的青春movie ,我们与青春同在!

Today I invited friends and family to watch So Young. We are with youth!

Happy Camp family members He Jiong, Xie Na, and Xu Weijia met The Vampire Diaries star Ian Somerhalder, who then proceeded to turn Xie Na into a vampire.

谢娜: 是的,快乐大本营,吸血鬼来了 @IanSomerhalder_Official

Yes, Happy Camp, a vampire has arrived. @Ian Somerhalder

谢娜: 我正式宣布我已经加入了这个族群,以后你们都别惹我 @IanSomerhalder_Official

I officially announce that I have already entered this group. Afterward, don’t any of you anger me. @Ian Somerhalder

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