Tiny Times trailer wakes up!


“When you’ve written a character for five years, you know what  they’ll say next with your eyes closed” – Guo Jingming, author, scriptwriter and  director of Tiny Times.

Movie Tiny Times finally released its first trailer! Directed by the original author Guo Jingming, every  scene is gorgeous  and just like how I imagined the book would be like. Watch the English subbed trailer in HD below with Yang Mi, Amber Kuo, Kai Ko, Chen Xuedong, Feng Xiaoyue, Li Ruiming, Xie Yiling, Guo Biting, and Jiang Chao.

The trailer even has a complimentary shirtless shot of four of the male leads:
Picture 4

11 thoughts on “Tiny Times trailer wakes up!

  1. This trailer showed a completely different side of the Mainland Chinese media industry. It showed a better marketed and savvy side. I like it. However I’m confused. Is there a movie and a drama production going on right now for the same book? And does this book have either an italian, french or english translation? my apologies, I can’t read/speak chinese. :(

    • I think you can’t get better at understanding what the market needs than Guo Jingming. XD

      There’s both a movie and a TV version, except Guo Jingming pretty much disowned the TV version and bashed it openly. I think the failure of both of his TV adaptations so far is part of his motivation for directing his own movie.

      • Why did he approve the TV adaptation if he’s just going to bash it before it’s release (or are you not talking about Tiny Time)? I think he invested so many years on these characters he probably feel like they’re a part of him. So any inconsistency between the characters in his own mind and others interpretation could easily piss him off.

        • “Why did he approve the TV adaptation if he’s just going to bash it before it’s release”
          They probably offered him a lot of money for it.

          I often check statistics, any idea why so many 65+ watch this trailer?
          “Top demographics

          Female, 65- years
          Female, 18-24 years
          Female, 13-17 years “

        • I think there were a lot of promises not kept? For example, I know that Qi Wei was suppose to be Gu Li but pulled out like a month before filming, which Guo Jingming blamed on the production company.

          • Qi Wei would have been perfect for Gu Li (any reason she isn’t in the movie version after pulling out from the TV one?)

            On another note – I love the trailer, everything is just as I imagined it, not to mention the eye candy cast and obvious high production quality

  2. Guo Jingming totally has a Chen Xuedong bias. Everyone else is screaming/crying in the character profiles, but Chen Xuedong was making cute faces. Also, I just noticed that the initial male lead/Lin Xiao’s boyfriend has been completely left out of promotions.

  3. The trailer looks AMAZING! I didn’t read the book yet, so can someone give me a summary of the character’s background/personality?

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