Photoshoot Friday: April 26, 2013


Sun Li is as calm and composed as ever in a duo black-and-white and Chinese painting photo shoot for L’Officiel; even in modern clothing, she brings a touch of classicism with her poise. Fan Bingbing tries a different approach to keeping cools as she jumps into the pool, an early prelude to summer for Harper’s Bazaar. Meanwhile, actor and Central Drama Academy professor Zhang Xiaolong has found time in between the filming of the drama version of Bodyguards and Assassins for a photo shoot with Men’s Health.On the other side, Bai Baihe reminds you that chocolate is the most healthy food of them all for Women’s Day, you’ll want to watch out for her new movie A Wedding Invitation.

Despite being the main antagonist in idol drama Our Love and upcoming Hunan TV drama “Female Prime Minister/Legend of Lu Zhen, somehow it’s just so hard to hate the lovely Yang Rong. Look below the cut to see her, and the aforementioned celebs in this week’s round-up.

01. Sun Li for L’Officiel


02. Fan Bingbing for Bazaar.
 photo 704_950144_157920_zpsc3cff45f.jpg

03. Actor and Central Drama Academy professor Zhang Xiaolong for Men’s Health. He’s currently filming the drama version of Bodyguards and Assassins.

04. Bai Baihe for Women’s Day.

05. Yang Rong – more of this photoshoot here.

06. Yan Kuan and Du Ruoxi, recently engaged and looking quite retro right now.
 photo 704_950345_189629_zps0d585393.jpg

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  1. Love that first shot of Sun Li! Almost looks like it could be a painting in a museum or something.

    And aww, Yan Kuan and Du Ruoxi have been getting so many photoshoots together lately! Very cute.

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