Weibo Wednesday: April 17-24

Celebrities flocked to Weibo this week in order to call followers’ attention to the 7.0-magnitude earthquake that hit Ya’an on April 20th. Whether it was sharing ways to help, urging fans to donate their money or time, or simply posting words of comfort, a bunch of stars made noteworthy Weibo posts. We unfortunately can’t reproduce all of them, but hopefully we’ve gotten some of the more memorable ones.

Please keep the people of Ya’an in your thoughts!

何炅: 刚刚看到的图,和大家分享,我们为美丽的四川加油!

Not sure who first came up with the idea for this photo, but He Jiong posted it on his Weibo, along with a message of support:

I just saw this picture, and want to share it with everyone. Let’s jiayou for the beautiful Sichuan!

Pandas are cute, but let’s not forget about the awesome people aiming to make a difference and help out, even if they’re not as cuddly as pandas. Here we have Qiu Qiming, a HunanTV news anchorman, who continued to report earthquake-related news, even though he’s sick.

咔咔兔: 你只听到我沙哑的播报,却没看见我主播台上的药……

You hear only my hoarse announcing, but you don’t see my medicine on the broadcasting stage……

Hu Ge posted some uplifting words:

Hu Ge: Even if the entire world is only black and white, “hope” cannot lack color. If you haven’t seen it yet, that means “it” is rushing toward you. Praying for Ya’an, bringing hope to the people of Ya’an.

Li Yuchun posted on Weibo for the first time in three years in order to wish peace to her hometown of Sichuan.

Li Yuchun: I haven’t logged onto Weibo in thee years. Today I want to use this platform to pray for my hometown! Because I am from Sichuan, strength flows through my blood. No matter how heavy the disasters may be, I believe in the tenacity of my hometown’s fertile land, and in the optimism of my hometown’s people. We can definitely get through this crisis together! At the moment, I can do too little, so I entrust my hometown’s Chengdu Business Daily to bring my donation of 300,000 RMB directly to Ya’an. I hope that the intention behind my meager contribution can immediately transform into something that the victims most need. Sincerely praying for blessings, Heaven protect Sichuan!

He Jiong urges us to remain mindful of how we can help, rather than pointing the finger of blame.

He Jiong: If you’re like me and can’t go to the scene to rescue our compatriots, and can only be concerned from a distance, then please do less scolding and suspecting, less complaining and bad-mouthing. When our compatriots run into misfortune, they need more support and warmth. Our combined encouragement will be a great power. What little we can do, at least we can give this.

In a similar vein, Chen Kun hopes that we won’t turn donating into a competition.

Chen Kun: Please do not use the sum of donations to weigh benevolence. For every question of right and wrong, there will always be a test and opportunity to examine the kindness of your own heart. Observe yourself more, and don’t inspect other people. Only a solidification of benevolence can bring good fortune to others. If we make a vain attempt to turn kindness into a decoration, you will miss out on the chance to your own kind heart, even if you stick [decorations] all over your body! Be prudent! Don’t forget, pure kindness has nothing to do with numbers. Those who donate 1 RMB and those who donate more have the same benevolent heart!

Huang Xiaoming updated his fans on his beloved panda children, Ping Ping and An An, who live at a panda base in Ya’an.

黄晓明: #雅安芦山 平平安安#刚才我的工作人员告诉我,雅安熊猫基地在地震时部分房子开裂,玻璃窗也碎了些。万幸人和熊猫都没事。听说平平和安安当时也很害怕,还有一些小熊猫惊吓中爬到树上不肯下来。。。乖~~快点下来!!!听说它们现在一切安好我就放心了。现在不管是谁,平安就好!

#Ya’an Lu Shan safe and sound# Just now, my staff member told me that part of the houses at the Ya’an Panda Base split open during the earthquake, and some of the glass windows also shattered. Luckily, all of the people and pandas are all right. I heard that Ping Ping and An An were very scared at the time, and some of the baby pandas were so frightened they climbed up onto the tree and wouldn’t come down…Good~~come down quickly!!! When I heard that everything was well with them right now, I felt at ease. Right now, no matter who it is, it’s good if they’re safe!

Bringing us some much-needed adorableness this week is singer Jacky Xue in his Pual Frank pajamas. I wonder if he’s friends with Top Combine’s Liu Zhoucheng (who has the cutest Doraemon pajamas ever… but I digress).

薛之谦: 我仿佛睡了很久……你想我了没

It seems like I slept for a long time……did you think of me?

Happy birthday to Jing Boran, celebrated his 24th birthday on April 19th (plus a few extra hours)! Have a somewhat unflattering picture of him, followed by a more traditional birthday photo.

井柏然: 23岁仅剩下的这个下午.忽然想起不久前17岁的那个我计划24岁就结婚的…根据现在剧情的发展.估计……..

Only this afternoon left of 23 years old. Suddenly thought of my 17-year-old self not long ago, who planned to get married at 24 years old… According to the current development of the plot. I reckon……..

井柏然: 感谢2小时15的时差,让我的生日过了26个小时15分钟,所有的祝福,看到的,错过的,说出来的,放在心里的,全收到了,一起谢谢,我正式24啦!!!hahah

Thanks to the 2-hour 15-minute time difference, I was able to celebrate my birthday for 26 hours and 15 minutes. All of the blessings — the visible, the missed, the spoken, the ones in the heart, I’ve received them all. Thanks altogether, I’m officially 24!!! hahah

Ma Tianyu tried growing out some facial hair… Does this even count as a mustache? What do you think: should he keep it, or shave it off immediately?

马天宇: 都说嘴上没毛儿办事不牢〜

They all say that a man too young to grow a beard is not dependable~ [In other words, young people can’t be entrusted with important tasks]

Okay, when I first saw this photo, I thought it was Han Geng looking at a toilet seat, but I’m pretty sure that’s not the case. As it is, I’m still not sure what he’s looking at. It’s like an impractical fan/mirror hybrid.

韩庚: 对面那位好眼熟!

That one across from me looks really familiar!

No photos of He Jiong getting a massage, but we do get a funny story.

He Jiong: While getting a massage, pressed a painful point. Sobbing, I asked the master, “Where is this?” The master replied, “Beijing.” This this this……

Sina Entertainment tapped into the real-life-shippers fanbase by asking which Chinese celebrities ought to get married. Some sample couples include Chen Kun/Zhou Xun, Zhang Han/Zheng Shuang, Hu Ge/Liu Shishi, and… Kevin Cheng/Lin Gengxin?

新浪娱乐: 你YY过哪对明星真的成为情侣结婚吗?韩国综艺节目#我们结婚了#就为粉丝实现了这个愿望话说如果中国要办《我们结婚了》,你最想看到哪对明星扮情侣结婚?

Sina Entertainment: Have you imagined two celebs really getting married? The Korean show “We Got Married” helped fans make this dream true.  If China did this show, who do you want to see get married?
Lin Gengxin: If you’re still so annoying, I won’t make up with you!
Kevin Cheng: I’m annoying? What about you!

Kingone Wang getting in on the Bu Bu Jing Xin craze. Aw man, I don’t think I could ever imagine Kingone with the Qing queue, lol.

王傳一: 各位!準備好了嗎!今晚我是四阿哥!

Everyone! Are you ready! Tonight, I am Fourth Prince!

Wang Leehom continues hopping around the world after his concerts in Australia. On April 20th, he was in Turin, Italy, where he bumped into a bunch of fans. Lucky ducks.

王力宏: 在街上遇到了一群 留學都灵的大學生。 很遺憾只有時間拍一張照片,所以用了自己的相機,然後答應了他們 po 在我的微博上,讓他們下載! 很高興認識你們! Ti amo!

While on the street, met a group of college students studying abroad in Turin. I regret that there was time only to take one photo, so I used my own camera, and then promised them I would post it on Weibo and let them download it! Very happy to have met you all! Ti amo!

Hu Ge as a soldier on the set of 49 Days. Sacrifice (四十九日·祭), which is the drama adaptation of Yan Geling‘s novel, The Flowers of War (金陵十三钗).

胡歌: 走上战场 认为自己活着 你就死了 以为自己死了 或许 你还有活下去的可能「四十九日•祭」

Walk onto the battlefield / And think that you yourself are alive / Then you are dead / Think that you’ve dead / Maybe / You might still be able to live on “49 Days. Sacrifice”

Of course, Hu Ge may look serious on set, but he’s just as silly as ever in real life. Picture posted by Karen Tsai.

蔡艺侬: 戏里高大英勇,戏外搞笑抽风⋯大侠有很多种风格

Lofty and valiant in the drama, hilarious and spastic outside of the drama… there are many different styles of swordsmen

Which otaku goddess is this? Tia Li? Angelababy? WRONG, it’s Jimmy Lin!

林志穎: 让我们欢迎新一代的#宅男女神#,加入奇幻冒险王

Let us welcome the new generation’s #otaku goddess#, entering the kings of fantasy adventure

M.I.C.‘s Yao Yao showing off his rock ‘n roll style.

MIC肖顺尧Aero: Rock n roll!!!

6 thoughts on “Weibo Wednesday: April 17-24

  1. Did anyone catch what Han Hong wrote about the earthquake? I haven’t seen her actual posts, but I read that she was somewhat indignant about being asked to sing a charity song, or something like that?

    • She said that in rough translation “I don’t understand and am disgusted. why is it that when the country had disasters some people always specifically write songs asking for singers to sing. is it because singing is more important than saving and rescuing lives. Whoever wants to sing, go and find them. I have no interest. Just won’t sing”

      I get her sentiment, yet I am reminded of how Leehom and David Tao wrote/composed Shou Qian Shou in so little time during SARS together and how more than 70 celebrities participated in such short notice just for it and how Leehom says it was one of his most precious and favorite songs because it reminds him of the power of music and what is can do in times of need by transporting feels of “heart” love, comfort, reassurance in one way… I think singing can be powerful and influential for the right reasons. Plus it’s not like most singers can go and volunteer to save lives on site, I’m sure they donated and since singing is their profession, it’s not bad to use music as a means to help in times of need.

      • Ah, thanks for the translation! I wonder about charity singles in China. Typically, a bunch of celebrities will join together to record a song, and the public will buy it and the proceeds will go to charity, right? But Han Hong’s reaction, coupled with the relatively small amount of legal music purchases in China, makes me think that a lot of these songs don’t really raise much money at all. In which case, I guess I can see her point of view, especially since she’s often on the ground and really hands-on with her charity work.
        Hmm… I wonder…

        • I mean I’m sure she’s right in questioning the intentions of some people or maybe gov. but even if the song doesn’t make money, I think that music can still be of help either by moving people to care for the cause or bringing “positivity” to people in face of hardship idk I guess I’m an a bit of an idealist haha

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