X-Factor China ft. Zhang Ziyi as Judge

I like how their walk totally fit their public persona

I like how their walk totally fit their public persona

X-Factor China officially took over I Am a Singer‘s time-slot on HNTV last week. The three professional judges are pop music legend Luo Dayou, rocker Zheng Jun, and popular  singer Eason Chan… Zhang Ziyi also sat at the judges’ table. You can watch the full episode here from HNTV’s official youtube channel.

Yang Chengxi performed “The Only One In The World”. Watch more selected performances below the cut

Zeng Yiming performed “Maybe Tomorrow

Wen Ruo’er, who’s been playing guitar sine the age of 8, performed one of her original composition called “I Don’t Know What Happened“.

Recently released from jail due to a mistake he made when he was younger, Deng Yubin is hoping for a second chance at life through this competition. Watch his touching rendition of a cpop classic “Endless Love“.

I thought the judges were a bit harsh compare to the UK or US version of X-Factor. I mean one guy got “no” because he sounded “too professional”? And there were a few other acts, such as the two duo acts, that should’ve passed the preliminary. What do you guys think? Which act did you love the most or thinks should’ve passed but didn’t?

Source: HNTV@YT

12 thoughts on “X-Factor China ft. Zhang Ziyi as Judge

    • I’m a huge fan of MasterChef Australia, and I found the Chinese version to be really disappointing. That’s down to a lot of factors. Having actors as judges instead of food industry professionals. Having the only chef on the judging panel trained in French cuisine and not Chinese. Not enough episodes either—the format didn’t allow the audience to invest themselves in the contestants.

      That being said, the production for MasterChef China was handled by the same production company as the Australian version, so there was very little domestic input in creating it. And it’s silly to say that China shouldn’t have its own version of an international television franchise. Why is it okay for Australia to have its own MasterChef series, after all, but not China?

      (Additionally, we can see who posts which comments, so there’s no need to create an alias to sockpuppet your own views.)

  1. I thought that Yan Chengxi sang really well, very “clean” compared to the ones sang by Cao Ge and Jam Hsiao. I was quite surprised when Eason Chan gave a “no” LOL. But I guess it will make him work harder instead! Are they always finding a ‘pretty’ and ‘kind’ type of girl in such competitions? Like Tianxin in China Got Talent I think. Quite surprised to see ZZY here. Will she continue to be a judge?

  2. I know it’s just the audition rounds, but when I first watched the episode, my initial impression was that the stage looked really plain compared to the other reality talent contests out there. Especially for a Hunan TV production.
    My second reaction was to wonder why Zhang Ziyi was on the judging panel…

    The talent has been okay so far. But I’d mark The Voice as ahead of X-Factor in terms of raw talent at this stage of the competition (well, one episode, but you know…)

        • If the local “audition” I went to is any indication, I’m thinking… yes, Super Boys is going to have a problem with talent this year. = _ =

        • I feel like a lot of the guys that are auditioning for superboys just want to be celebrities. I mean yea they may like music (who doesn’t?) and have a decent vocal, but that’s not really the drive behind why they are auditioning for superboy. Ex. Li Mao always wanted to be an actor but auditioned for superboy to get more exposure and opportunities.

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