Liu Shishi Shows Off Pixie Cut for “Bu Bu Jing Qing”

After seeing the character posters and trailer for Tangren’s Bu Bu Jing Qing (步步惊情), the upcoming modern-era sequel to time-traveling drama Bu Bu Jing Xin, a lot of people’s first reactions were “What on earth happened to Liu Shishi!?” Because leading lady Liu Shishi, who had previously won over viewers with her lively and youthful depiction of Maertai Ruoxi, looked so ridiculously drab with her pale coloring and matronly hairstyle.

Fortunately, the media was recently allowed to visit the set and shared some photos of Liu Shishi sporting a sharp and cute pixie cut, a welcome change from the lifeless hairstyle she had before. Since Liu Shishi will be playing twin sisters in Bu Bu Jing Qing, I’m guessing this is how the two characters will be differentiated. I’ve never imagined Shishi having short hair, but I think she looks good! At least she no longer looks the same age as male lead Nicky Wu (who is 17 years her senior, but looks young for his age).

Check out some more photos of Shishi, Nicky, Jiang Jinfu, Damian Lau, and Sun Yizhou.


9 thoughts on “Liu Shishi Shows Off Pixie Cut for “Bu Bu Jing Qing”

  1. At some angles it makes her face look fuller, but the first picture’s angle it looks pretty good. And at least it looks better than the hairstyle on the promo posters O_O Also I like the edgier look. I wonder why they don’t have her other twin character on the promo poster though?

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