The complicated weibo love n-angles of “A Wedding Invitation”

Male lead

安妮hautelab: 錯踪複雜的關係

Eddie Peng‘s manager posted an incriminating photo of the complicated relationship between the three leads of A Wedding Invitation (分手合约). Eddie and Jiang Jinfu may have cordially welcomed the “male lead” Bai Baihe on Weibo, but behind her back…

柯震東Kai: "北京大野狼宣傳"之"分手合約"之"@白百何 sorry”@彭于晏

Here comes Kai Ko (of You Are the Apple of My Eye fame) to complicate the Eddie-Jinfu-Baihe triangle even more. Ah, well, you can’t really blame people for joining in on the Eddie Peng love.

Kai Ko: “Sorry @Bai Baihe” of “A Wedding Invitation” of “Beijing promotions for When a Wolf Falls in Love with a Sheep” @Eddie Peng

Bai Baihe: Hey! You’re out of the loop ~~ You should be saying sorry to @Jiang Jinfu 〜〜〜 :D :D
Jiang Jinfu: No, no, no need for sorry~ I don’t mind :) Three people is also fun, let’s play together :b Hehe…he..
Eddie Peng: @Elva Hsiao [Kai Ko’s girlfriend], what do you think about this?

Elva Hsiao: Very compatible! I support you two ~ :D :D  Congratulations!


白百何: 前天《分手合约》发布会一结束,一位好心的网友语重心长的@ 了我••••••说:你老公@陈羽凡 跟他的搭档@胡海泉 被封为好基友组合〜你的两个搭档@彭于晏 @蒋劲夫 趁你不在的时候也组成了好基友组合〜你可长点儿心吧!!把元宝这条战线守住!果断飞上海一探究竟!"渔夫组合"明天上海见••••••

While Bai Baihe seems to be all for the Eddie-Jinfu duo,  netizens were quick to remind her not to forget about her husband Chen Yufan and his otp  Hu Haiquan of musical duo Yu Quan. We also get a cute picture of their son!

Bai Baihe: Two days ago when the A Wedding Invitation press conference ended, a kind netizen @’ed me ….. and said: Your husband @Chen Yufan and his partner @Hu Haiquan have become an OTP ~ Your two partners @Eddie Peng @Jiang Jinfu also became an OTP pair while you were gone ~ You should be more careful!!! Make sure to hold your last stand -your son Yuanbao! I must go to Shanghai to see the truth! See you tomorrow in Shanghai, “Yu-Fu” couple ……
Jiang Jinfu: What to do? Bao-ge is so cute!  (^^;)

Nevertheless, the gracious Bai Baihe takes to Weibo to wish good luck to her two “husbands” for the finale of I am Singer.

Bai Baihe: Hubby and ‘god-hubby’, jiayou!
Hu Haiquan: God…hubby received your jiayou! Will work 120,000 times as hard with ‘hubby!’


陈羽凡: #我是歌手#你在我眼中是最美,昨夜的Zhi哥无法入睡……弱弱问一句:泥手中的花不是玫瑰吧?为何不是十二朵泥?@胡海泉 @羽泉 @我是歌手

Unhappy to be the only one with one pairing possible in this complicated relationship, Haiquan of Yu Quan decides to fall asleep holding a Baihe (lily flower). Note that Yufan’s post and the twelve roses refer to a popular Yu Quan song, The Most Beautiful.

Chen Yufan: #I am Singer# You’re the most beautiful in my eyes, Zhi-ge couldn’t fall asleep last night … You’re not holding a rose, are you? Why not twelve? @Hu Haiquan @Yu Quan @I am Singer
Hu Haiquan: Yep, I’m holding a Baihe(lily), what do you want to do? :b


安妮hautelab: 俏俏不在 北京靠凡哥 @彭于晏 @白百何 @蒋劲夫 @陈羽凡

Soon, Bai Baihe’s three men met together as Jiang Jinfu and Eddie Peng bows to Chen Yufan.

Bai Baihe: Thanks hubby for the wheat* ~~~ <3 But I want to ask what you did on stage?  Little Peng sent me a text that consisted of the following: He is so sexy ~ =_=  Here in Sanya, hope you guys are all well in the promotions!
Eddie Peng: Teacher Chen said if you’re not in Beijing we can count on him. So sexy so manly @Chen Yufan
Jiang Jinfu: Chaoyang district’s Fan-brother is so mighty and powerful ~~ Migh ~ty~

*wheat is homophone for selling well


电影分手合约:【#分手合约#照片控】为什么小编看到这张图时,心里有点凄凉的感觉,想代表广大女粉丝拥抱下白姑娘@白百何 @彭于晏 @蒋劲夫 原来这才是真相!![泪]

Returning to the realm of GB relationships, don’t forget about Jiang Jinfu’s master Liu Shishi (who recently wished Eddie Peng happy birthday on weibo, btw).

: Jinfu is getting more and more handsome! Support ! I’ll I’ll buy a ticket to watch it XD XD
Jiang Jinfu: Hurry and buy a ticket to watch!!! <3
A Wedding Invitation The Movie: Maomao, invite her and Liu Shishi to watch! :D
Jiang Jinfu: Master Shi hasn’t come to my room in a while, aye ~ I’m no longer loved *pout*


In case you haven’t figured out already, Jiang Jinfu’s role in the movie is the gay best friend of Bai Baihe’s character. Here’s Jiang Jinfu and Eddie Peng playing awkward twister in the movie!

Now back to the beginning again ….

Bai Baihe: Thanks for you and Jinfu for doing promotions, I’ll meet up with you in Shanghai on the 12th ~~~
Jiang Jinfu: Yes!! ^.^ I’ll take care of Li Xing for you for now.
Eddie Peng: Oh Sh*t! Jinfu, let’s exercise together!
Jiang Jinfu : Nope, we practiced so late last time that I couldn’t sleep well!
Eddie Peng: Sorry, it’s my fault.

And on the note of exercising, a complimentary shirtless picture to end this  post!


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