Calling all Tiny Times characters to wake up!


Awaken from fiction, to a theatre near you (or not)

The characters of Guo Jingming‘s upcoming film Tiny Times may still be asleep in the realm of fiction, but the author-director is calling for them to WAKE UP! in time for the movie.

The posters feature the eyecandy cast of  Yang Mi, Amber Kuo, Kai Ko, Chen Xuedong, Feng Xiaoyue, Xie Yiling, and Guo Biting.   I like how the beds are all very representative of their backgrounds and personalities. Yang Mi’s bed is simple while Kai Ko’s is luxurious, Xie Yiling’s is pink and girly, and Chen Xuedong’s in a hospital bed.46d7df02gw1e3rx9ee3edj

6 thoughts on “Calling all Tiny Times characters to wake up!

  1. Nice pointing out that each character’s personality is reflected in their bed. I didn’t notice that when I first saw these pictures in weibo but I totally see that now! To add to that, each character makes a different sleeping pose with their arms haha

  2. Wow, they all have such nice beds… except for Chen Xuedong, I guess. lol. Kinda surprised that Amber Kuo seems to have the least luxurious one, at least in terms of blanket quality (it looks rough compared to the other blankets, haha). Isn’t she playing Yang Mi’s super-rich friend? I might just be getting all the girls mixed up… I only recently started reading the book (finally!).

    More pics of Rhydian Vaughan sleeping, please. :3

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