Couple and family shots from “Our Love”


Can you count how many different pairings there are in this drama?

Love and family from currently airing drama “Our Love,” starring
Chen Yanfei, Bryant Chang, Wei Qianxiang, Yang Rong, Joanna Zeng, Zou Tingwei and Yuan Chengjie.





12 thoughts on “Couple and family shots from “Our Love”

  1. Is it just me, or the girl in the first picture looks sooo much like Yedda Chen (from My splendid life with Jerry Yan). Whenever I look at her, I just can’t seem to make out the difference O.o I’m not watching the show, but it looks kinda complicated with so many couples. It does seem a bit different.

  2. IDK if it was the actor or the script, but I wish the 2nd male lead have a bit more depth. It’s like one minute he’s in love with his childhood friend and the next without any real interaction he want to get with the lead.

    • I would say he’s the 3rd male lead ;b
      I don’t think he was ever in love with Yang Rong’s role, though. They were always just really good friends (although I think his relationship with Chen Yanfei’s role is also more platonic than lovers). I do feel like because they have so many relationships in this (Bryant Chang – Chen Yanfei – Zou Tingwei – Yang Rong – Bryant Chang,, Bryant Chang – other girl, Wei Qianxiang – Joanna Zeng – Yuan Chengjie – other girl, two brother-sister relationships, and then the love quad between their parents), a lot of them are not as well developed. The brother falling for Joanna Zeng’s role was even more random, although he’s kind of just really cute so it’s hard to complain.

      • Wei Qianxiang/Joanna Zeng… it’s called love at first sight (literally) lol I didn’t really mind the suddenness of that relationship, since it’s so cute how he’s like a little boy with a crush around her lol

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