Photoshoot Friday: April 19, 2013

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Here’s to another couple photo shoot from Fashion Weekly; this time, the real-life pair Li Chen and Zhang Xinyu appear romantic and gorgeous, with Zhang Xinyu decked out in flowing dresses. Meanwhile, Yan Kuan shows off how sporty he is for GQ, and Yin Tao sits pretty for Good Housewife. Liu Tao spends all but one picture in her shoot for OURS looking down, and Gao Yunxiang smolders by the pool – look below the cut for more pictures!

01. Reallife couples Li Chen and Zhang Xinyu – more here.

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02. Yan Kuan, more here.

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03. Yin Tao for Good Housewife. She was mostly recently filming a red drama and starring in a Gao Xixi-directed drama on the Emperor Taizu of Song.

04. Liu Tao, more here
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5. Gao Yunxiang, more here. The actor’s currently filming Palace 3 with Lu Yi and Yuan Shanshan,

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