YinYueTai’s 1st Awards Show

Look! It's Chinese, It's English, it's bilingual logo!

Look! It’s Chinese, It’s English, it’s bilingual logo!

Yinyuetai have been steadily gaining love from fans since it’s opening in 2009 due to its high definition MVs and reliance. The legal music video promotion site have also gained much support from music professionals; not only are the MVs legally uploaded by the company, but fans can also use the site to share fancams of their favorite eye-candy. After realizing the popularity of the weekly/monthly V-Chart ranking among fans, yinyuetai decided to have a REAL award show (where artists actually go on stage and perform and accept awards in front of fans!)

In a music award show the performance is always the best part! So let’s start off with some cute and pretty fluffs:

Popu Lady, who were probably present to represent their shijie S.H.E (Best Group Award for TW/HK region) performed Lady First from their debut EP. The performance by the ladies is followed by the equally pretty boys from TimeZ and the party boys from MIC.

Later, after an outfit change, MIC came back to perform their new song “Single Ladies” for the first time on television. Apparently Yao Yao can’t seem to be able to pick between Xiao Xin and Yue Han, so the YaoHanXin collaborated on the lyrics for this song. MIC won the Favorite Group Award for Mainland region by fan votes.

Li Xiaoyun performed “Maybe“, which won her the Best Singer/Songwriter Award for Mainland region.

Unrequited” by Yoga Lin is a single off of his album The Great Novelist, which won Album Of The Year for TW/HK region. The MV for “Lure“, a different single from the same album, is also one of the Music Video Of The Year.

Aaron Yan performed the title song from his second EP “The Moment“. Aaron won Top Social Singer (I think it’s based on how much he’s song is shared on social networks), and his The Moment MV is also one of the Music Video Of The Year. Usually the acceptance speech is forgettable, but in his acceptance speech Yan Ya Lun thanked the fans for buying his album legally.

You are all helping to support someone’s dream. You guys are paying with your money, but this [what’s on the surface] is not the only thing that goes into the album. There are composers, producers, concept designers, event coordinators, ect. You are also supporting their dreams.

He sound so mature now, I still remember fangirling over this cry baby a few years ago.

Claire Kuo (Guo Jing did not time-travel from The Legend of the Condor Heroes to the 21st century) performed “We Can Both Find Happiness“, which is also one of the Music Video Of The Year.

Fiona Sit (Khalil Fong’s new BFF) performed “Better Me“, which is also one of the Music Video Of The Year. She also won critics choice Breakthough Female Artist Of The Year for TW/HK region.

Dongbei girl Liu Xin, who won Favorite New Solo Artist for Mainland region, performed her single “I’m Your Girlfriend” from her debut EP.

alan who spend most of her career in the Jpop scene have been concentrating on her mainland promotion this past year. she won Top Trending Female Artist Of The Year for Mainland region and performed her new mandarin single “Phoenix“.

I wonder if Aska Yang and Qi Wei were to date, who would wear the pants?? Anyway, Aska Yang performed first with “Really, There’s Nothing“; he won Top Trending Male Artist Of The Year for TW/HK region. Qi Wei then performed “Us“; she won Breakthough Female Artist Of the Year for Mainland region and her single “Let Go of Love” won Best Mainland OST. The pair then perform their duet “In Order to Meet You“.

After years of absence from the music scene at the conclusion of Superboys, Wang Yuexin came back with a brand new EP with a more mature image. The winner of Top Trending Male Artist of the Year for Mainland region, choose to perform a rendition of popular English songs from the past year and his new single “Runaway“.

Wei Chen, who won Favorite Male Artist for Mainland region, performed “We Are All Changing” and “Dust” showcasing both his vocal and improved dance ability.

Rocker Kimi Qiao made a much anticipated return to the music scene this year; he won Breakthough Male Artist Of The Year for Mainland region. Accompanied by his ever present neon pink electric guitar, Kimi performed “Rebirth” and “Boom Boom Boom“.

Shin, who won All-round Artist Of The Year and Breakthough Male Artist Of The Year for TW/HK region, performed “Your Existence” and “Hidden Regret“. Then A-Lin joined Shin on stage to perform their duet “Hugging the Storm“, which won Best Duet. A-Lin, who won Top Trend Female Artist of the Year, then performed her singles “Best Friend’s Blessing” and “After Finding Happiness“.

The lovely Jane Zhang won Favorite Female Artist of the Year for Mainland region and Album of the Year for her first live album Listen. What better way to prove her live abilities then to perform a bunch of songs from the live album?

JJ Lin, now a 10 year senior in the industry, ended the event with “Cannot Learn“, which is one of Music Video Of The Year). JJ won Favorite Male Artist, Best Singer/Songwriter, and Best Producer for TW/HK region.

You can view the full list of winners Here.

Sources: SJZGloria, Yinyuetai

11 thoughts on “YinYueTai’s 1st Awards Show

    • There were a lot of other winners I didn’t mention because they did not attend; I only mentioned the awards for the people who were present. If I mention EXO-M (who did not attend this event) then out of fairness I have to list everyone, and that’s way too bothersome. There’s a link at the bottom of the article if you want to see the complete list.

  1. I have a question, does YYT pay the artists and music labels for every view each videos gets? :o I mean, like youtube does~

  2. I love how all of the singers sing live. This trend should be continued. It would be a nice aspect incorporated into the overall chinese music industry. It’ll raise the listeners’ standards and prevent domestic and foreign (like korean singers) from holding lipsyncing concerts. After all when did in the past thousands of years did people hold concerts or performances by lipsyncing. Modern people shouldn’t lower their standards either. :D

    • I think it’s common practice to sing live in China. Elaborate choreography were never a main part of a singer’s performance until recently, so there was never a need to rely on pre-recorded tracks to cover them.

      • Singing live is common now, but it wasn’t before. Remember how they passed a law a few years ago to stop people from lipsyncing at concerts? And then the first person penalised under the law was fined RMB50,000 and attempted suicide…

        • yeah. CCTV in the past has been heavily criticized for lip syncing some certain official ceremony shows like the major Spring Gala. And then the recent massive growth in kpop in which their “singers” are notorious for charging expensive tickets to go see their lip-syncing performances. However I think 3 years back the government put a law in place preventing lip syncing and lowering the standard of the chinese music industry.

  3. Aw, Aska and Qi Wei would make a cute couple… though they’d probably get sick of singing their duet, lol. I love that song to pieces, though… so simple, but so beautiful.

    Anyway, hope YinYueTai continues with this award show in the future. n_n

  4. After seeing Aska’s performance with Li Quan, I think the answer to your question is undoubtly Qi Wei.
    “Get it hot” is so out of place with the Popu Lady and Timez songs. XD

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