Weibo Wednesday: April 10-17

郭敬明: 我的手太短了啦….本来想取个全一点的景….

Guo Jingming may be super busy with directing the Tiny Times film, but he’ll never be too busy to post pretty pictures of himself on Weibo. Unfortunately, he might have to reconsider doing selcas, hehehe.

My arms are too short…. Originally, I wanted to take a photo with more of the scenery….

高圆圆: 阴天也不要忘记笑容

We all know Gao Yuanyuan is gorgeous, but even in candid photos, she manages to look like she’s in a photoshoot.

Don’t forget to smile even on cloudy days.

The paparazzi can be annoying, but a smart artist like Michelle Chen will use them to her advantage. What a harmonious society we live in!

Michelle Chen: Did any of the paparazzi that followed me home take a picture of the license plate of the cab? I forgot my cellphone in it!
25 minutes later: Thanks to the kind paparazzi who told me the license plate number!

严宽: 悲催啊!真的不信,偏去信假的。演戏小品都当真,难道是我演技太好了吗?其实我求的不只两次婚,是三次婚!看图有真相

Yan Kuan successfully proposed to his girlfriend, actress Du Ruoxi, but what we don’t know is that she rejected him the first two times he proposed. (Just kidding, one was during filming, and the other was one for a skit.)

Heartbroken! You believe not the real one, but rather the fake one. You took it for real during the drama and during the skit — is it because my acting skills are too good? Actually, I proposed not only twice — I proposed three times! Look at the picture for the truth.

林俊杰: 微博破1800 萬關注了!來看看23年前的我吧!!旁邊是我哥哥!希望趕快衝破2000萬!

If you have Facebook, your newsfeed may have been swarmed with photos of your friends with their brothers and sisters on April 10th, which was apparently National Siblings Day. JJ Lin decided to join in the fun as well, posting a photo from 23 years ago, of him with his older brother. (Actually, he posted it because he reached 18 million followers, but we can pretend, right?)

I broke 18 million followers on Weibo! Come see me from 23 years ago!! The one next to me is my older brother! I hope that we will quickly break through 20 million!

至上励合张远: 原来罗妈妈已经发了。。。。。我觉得我回不了头了。。。。。

If you’ve been wondering what Top Combine’s Zhang Yuan has been up to lately, well… here’s a photo of him prepping for his appearance on the imitation show Your Face Sounds Familiar (百变大咖秀). Who exactly he’s imitating is beyond me, but… Anyway, the woman beside him is Luo Hongtao, a chief make-up artist at Hunan TV. Zhang Yuan previously wrote that he didn’t dare post a photo, but the Internet doesn’t always work out in your favor.

Turns out Mama Luo already posted [the photo]….. I feel like I can’t turn back now…..

韩栋: 今天,是我爷爷九十大寿,在这里我祝爷爷健康开心、福如东海、寿比南山!!!

Han Dong posted an adorable photo of him with his grandparents.

Today is my grandfather’s 90th birthday. Here, I wish Grandpa health and happiness. May you have much happiness, and may you have many more happy birthdays!!!

Known in the Weibo world for being a master of sofas (getting the first comment or reply on a post, much like English-speaking netizens will comment “first” on various blogs), Liu Ye has finally hit the jackpot. When popular author Nanpaisanshu (南派三叔) of the Tomb Raider (盗墓笔记) series made an announcement, Liu Ye’s intense focus on getting the sofa without actually reading the post gave a laughable twist to a serious event.

Nanpaisanshu: April 16th,  a ten-year-old marriage will finish its course. The full responsibility is upon me. I began cheating in 2012. I’m a jerk. Sorry to everyone who wrongly loved me.

Liu Ye: Please applaud me  if I get the sofa!

Another frequent victim of Liu Ye’s sofa-seeking is actor Yuan Hong. Note that Liu Ye actually missed the sofa this time by about 10 comments. After numerous attempts, Liu Ye finally got a sofa on one of Yuan Hong’s posts on Monday.

Yuan Hong: On my good “friend” @Zhang Chichi’s birthday, I wish him the best of luck. At the same time, I would like to announce to the world that he’s straight. Really, so straight that he can be bent around the world three times.
Liu Ye: Sofa!
Yuan Hong: Reply @Liu Ye  Brother Ye come into my bowl! #I heard all of his sofas can go around the world 3.1415926 times#

唐嫣: 到此一游 我在这里: Hollywood(好萊塢)

Tang Yan was in Hollywood??? Here she is being best chums with Captain Jack Sparrow and Angelica from the fourth Pirates of the Caribbean movie. I hope she went to Disneyland too — the Happiest Place on Earth should be a good place to treat a broken heart. *cries*

吴奇隆: 準備中考高考的娃聽著。即日起全面進入備戰狀態,好好用功、努力。為自己為奇國爭口氣。戰神鼓勵黑白能量普降!PS:只有需要充電時才能上來吸收能量 加油吧!奇國的娃

Nicky Wu posts an encouraging message for everyone busy studying for exams!!! (Well, specifically for those taking zhongkao and gaokao, but I’m sure he cares about those taking midterms too. ;D)

Listen up, all you kids preparing for high school and college entrance exams! Starting in the next few days, fully enter into the state of preparing for war. Study hard, work hard. Work hard for yourself and for the Country of Qi [Nicky’s fanbase]. The god of war encourages the black-and-white power to fall over this whole area! P.S. Only when you need to recharge can you come [online] to absorb energy. Jiayou! Kids of the Country of Qi.

修杰楷shiou: 收工回來繼續上工!雖然器材很簡陋但不能找藉口!動吧!

And because Weibo Wednesday can never have too many shirtless pics, Xiu Jiekai has kindly volunteered to be this week’s representative.

Continuing to work after coming back from the day’s work! Although the equipment is simple, can’t look for excuses! Move!

舒淇: 感謝我可愛的老母親讓我完美的呱呱落地〜〜朋友們 有你們的愛就是我最幸福的禮物,如果真的堅持要送些什麼給我那麼就….為自己做一件好事讓自己快樂這樣我也快樂〜長那麼大拼博了這麼多年的我完成了一個又一個的夢想早已什麼都不缺,最缺的就是讓你們快樂還有〜〜讓世界快樂… 所以 快樂起來吧!

Happy birthday to Shu Qi! She turned 37 on April 16th.

Thanks to my cute mother for letting me be born perfectly~~ Friends, my happiest gift is having your love. If you really persist in sending me something, then…. Do something good for yourself and make yourself happy. This will make me happy too~ I’ve grown so big and struggled hard for so many years and have completed many, many dreams. I’ve already lacked nothing for a long time. The thing I lack most is making you happy and~~making the world happy… so, be happy!

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  1. Han dong looks just like his grandfather (or maybe it’s just the baldness)!
    Excited for Zhang Yuan’s performance ^.^ I hope it’s airing this week and not next week!

  2. …how /does/ Gao Yuanyuan always look so pretty?~
    these are all too cute…you did such a good job putting them all together ^___^

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