Street Style #2: eye-catching C-celebs

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Qin Lan is as pretty as ever.

These stars are hard to miss – maybe they are decked out in tangerine orange, like Liu Yun; maybe they (like Xiao Heqing) look ready for winter when summer is approaching (…of course, it is possible that it was just cold that day). Others are like Su Ma or Liu Yuqi, and wear eye-catching colors or bright flowers…if Yao Chen ever wants to hide from paparazzi, she shouldn’t let her signature smile become a dead giveaway. And then there’s Qin Lan of our feature photo, who stands out just for being gorgeous. Look below the cut to stalk a handful of your favorite actresses! 01. Qin Lan – more here.  photo 704_941665_608483_zps9c9f7f74.jpg  photo 704_941664_423146_zps684b5742.jpg

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See Xiao Heqing show this set of pretty clothing with different poses here. (This cant possibly be a casual expression for her…)

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Liu Yun

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Zhang Yuqi.

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Su Ma

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Yao Chen

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