Music Monday: April 15, 2013

Mondays are always hard...

Mondays are always hard…

Lets turn this Monday into a “Good Day” with Jane Zhang.

If on your face is a frown, Yu Quan & Deng Chao’s performance from “I Am a Singer” will sure turn it up side down (cheesy I know lol).

Some All of you may have noticed that the biggest theme in mandopop is love, so it’s always nice to hear two people in love singing a duet.

The One I Love” is duet performed by Yan Kuan and fiancee Du Ruoxi. “The One I Love” is also the theme song to the drama Affair of the Heart (恋了爱了) in which the real life couple plays an on-screen couple.

Alley Rain” is a Zhong Guo Feng genre song performed by the internet musician 回音哥 (Echo). No one know what exactly Mr. Echo looks like but he’s voice is enchanting enough to keep listeners coming back for more. You can visit Wu Xian Xian’s youtube channel for more of Echo’s music.

Visionary” is a track off of Ada Zhuang‘s debut (mandarin) album Reluctance (一万个舍不得). This 90er (born 1992) may have just released her first album, but she has already accumulated titles such as “The New Otaku Goddess” and one of the four “Princess of Pop” due to her cute appearance and wistful love songs.

Here is another 90er – Liu Meilin became an internet sensation after her performance of Faye Wong’s “I an Legend” on in a small stairwell. “The Little Match Girl” is especially created for Liu Meilin created by  producer Adia (who produced by Amit by A-mei and Change by Jane Zhang)

Hungry? idarklight recommends Ode to millenniums of food by vocaloid Luo Tianyi of Vocaloid China, although it’ll probably make you even hungrier

Lets end this on a high note with Vivi Jiang‘s rendition of Beyond’s Arabian Dancing Girl (亚拉伯跳舞女郎)

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5 thoughts on “Music Monday: April 15, 2013

  1. Ada Zhuang’s voice sounds nothing like what I expected it to be like (the photo is her, right?) O_o
    I’m so happy you put up Arabian Dancing Girl! I really liked it when I saw it

    • Yeah I agree, her voice is a lot lower than you’d expect, but I also don’t think she looks that cute at all. I think her songs are more carefree and cute rather than her personality being cute. On another note, Deng Chao went crazy in that song, I was laughing for forever, he meshes so well with Yu Quan’s style!!

      • You should watch them after the performance. Right after singing, they all did that end-of-performance kneel, and then Deng Chao and Yufan started doing push ups on stage. Haiquan was very confused, but eventually joined them. Then they went back stage for the interview and Haiquan kept making mistakes so everyone (including the host Wang Han) started doing push ups. They were nuts but hilarious ones at that.

        • Haha yeah it was pretty funny. I followed 我是歌手 pretty regularly so I watched it the day it came out. I feel like they had so much fun on stage. I think its one of the reason they won, its cause it was so much fun to watch and their song selection was pretty awesome.

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