“I am Singer” finale round-up


The three-hour music extravaganza made headlines across the strait, but whose performance captured your heart?

The finale for “I am Singer” is every bit as awesome as it was expected to be, with some really amazing collaborations.The finale is probably the first mainland singing competition to be aired live both in mainland and Taiwan, not to mention in live-streamed in theatres across China. Actually, the show has been reported so much in the Taiwanese media that some politicians are warning of the show as a brain-washing tool.

Here are some of idarklight’s favorite performances of the night. There are a few misses, but overall the  show was great. You can watch HD versions of all the episodes as well as collections of the individual singer’s performances on YouTube.

First up is Tan Weiwei and Zhou Xiao’ou‘s folk meets rock No party unended. Tan Weiwei really pwn’ed everyone as soon as she opened her mouth.

Aska Yang and Li Quan duets a sexy rendition of I want us together. The way that Aska Yang looks at Li Quan at 2:45 is quite suspicious …

Terry Lin performs Exaggeration in a white dress prince suit. If you haven’t heard it yet, I also highly recommend his cover of Jay Chou’s Cooling Fireworks.

Julia Peng and Shunzi does a mix of two powerful songs – Beer bottle for sale and I have nothing . I feel like Shunzi’s movements were a bit over on the stage, but their voices sound great together.

Amongst the returning performances, Laure Shang wow’ed with a cover of Faye Wong’s Bored that included her own French flair.

And of course, who to better conclude with than Yu Quan? The two finished the competition as if it were one huge concert. The song, To all those who know my name, was originally prepared for their last song of their last concert. Hopefully now that they’ve sung it already, they’ll never separate and sing forever!

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  1. I think when we’re talking about netizens, we should use the word “some” in front of it since angry vocal netizens generally do not represent the majority of any population. I’m sure most Taiwanese probably don’t really care whether who wins, and even many of those who do will recognize that this conspiracy stuff is BS.
    That said, while it’s common for all governments to use protectionism, it’s true that the Taiwan-mainland comparison is particularly ridiculously unfair one where there’s almost no limits on one side, and extremely heavy ones the other way. It’s the price that mainland has to pay to maintain its nominal claim on Taiwan. Unfortunately, that ends up meaning the development of mainland entertainment is especially hard when it can’t promote itself through blending in with a more popular entertainment industry.

    • I don’t know why Taiwan is making a big deal that 林志炫 didn’t win. I think that from the final two songs, I though for me it was pretty clear that 羽泉 was more popular. I don’t think this show is really about who has the better vocal ability, and I think that 羽泉’s songs really got the audience (which are the voters) going, while 林志炫’s songs while good felt a bit lackluster.

      • In their heads if Taiwanese Singers don’t win at this Mainland show, it’s discrimination. So in their heads only a Taiwanese Singer winning is a fair show. I’ve had enough of this.

    • I’m not a fan of the Chinese government. But I’m even less of a fan of the Taiwanese government. My country Monaco have political issues with France and Italy which are my country’s big neighbors. Most of our tv shows are taken up by french and italian shows. However, we don’t use this and turn it into a political tool or try to find some way to degrade their shows and pimp up our own domestic shows. There is this arrogance among the Taiwanese thinking that they are more advanced than the Chinese in all aspects that truly irks me. They carry this same air to my country too. The taiwanese businessmen and students tend to talk down their chinese counterparts here in Monaco when often their trips and chance to be able to contract in my country is because of its relationship with China and its people. Sorry for my rant but I just had to let this out.

    • These articles are a load of bullshit. When China set in that law that all shows at primetime can only be domestic shows, Taiwan immediately petitioned for China to exempt Taiwan. And now they have issues with Chinese shows being in Taiwan? What a hoard of hypocrites. And maybe they should complain less about Chinese shows and complain more about South Korean shows that take up 70% of their entire broadcasting time. As I’ve said before, some of these politicians especially the DPP politicians have max an IQ of 30 and are major hypocrites who turn things that had nothing to do with politics and turn it into a red scare tool.

  2. “Tan Weiwei really pwn’ed everyone as soon as she opened her mouth.”
    ^I wholeheartedly agree. She wow’d me the minute she began singing. O_O

  3. Can I know what is with the political thing between TW and China? Did it result in Yu Quan winning instead of Terry Lin? Thanks!

    • I don’t think there’s anything political in this show at all. I think Hunan TV just tried to invite whoever they thought would be good. And given that all the singers are already fairly big-names and tbh, none of them probably needs a trophy to prove anything, it doesn’t really matter who won.

      • Based on what I’ve heard, that’s up to debate on the internet but that might also depend on if you are a fan of anybody in particular, your preference in music, what conspiracy theory floating around that you are willing to listen to, etc. As idarklight said, to tell you the truth, it doesn’t really matter. The important part is that everybody that participated are enjoying a surge of renewed interest.

  4. some Taiwanese politicians truly only have an IQ max 30. In fact 30 is being generous. These TV shows are exactly what thaws the relationship between China and Taiwan. I don’t see a reason why they need to try to turn every last thing in China that has some sort of influence in Taiwan into a Red Scare tool or political topic.

    • As long as there are people, ANY group of people, it is unavoidable that some of them will turn self-absorbed and protectionist but you can’t reject such behavior entirely since that would be naive. There are times when it can have a positive impact. As always, it just depends on how you use it.

    • There were conspiracy theories going around last year that China’s Got Talent was supporting Ma Ying-jeou’s reelection by forwarding Taiwanese acts through the competition.
      I don’t really understand why people would cast their votes based on the results of a reality television talent show, though…

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