Zhao Wei directs new film So Young

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Zhao Wei, pretty even when she’s not in the film.

I love how the bright colors of the posters blow the cut. They give this upcoming film So Young 致青春, directed by Zhao Wei a cheerful, youthful glow. Built on the melancholy  theme “disappear with the wind,” the film will center around the trials and tribulations of youths as they struggle to find their way in this changing world. (A young girl pursues her childhood sweetheart, and finally gets into the college he went to, only to learn that he has left to study abroad. She makes new friends, becomes enemies with a cold but handsome man, and then falls for him – but wait, there’s more! She graduates college, and years later, both men return to her life….)

Look below the cut to see posters where people break things in pretty color schemes. The movie is adapted from a novel called In Honor of Our Youth, Which Will Ultimately Depart (that’s another hint about the tone of the film). The film stars Han Geng, Mark Chao, Yang Zishan, Cya Liu, Jiang Shuying, Zheng Kai and Tong Liya. Look below the cut posters where people break things in pretty color schemes. 

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  1. Did you know this movie is her graduation showcase project? Most (normal) students use their peers for a low budget film but nope Zhao Wei get Han Geng and Mark Zhao… and promotion on Happy Camp lol

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