“Our Love” begins airing!

Please watch!

Look at how many stuffed animals that would be sad if you didn’t watch this!

Idol drama “Our Love” begun airing this week on Jiangsu TV, managing to be cute and funny without being overly dramatic.

The Cinderella story has Chen Yanfei as an aspiring ad creative manager and Bryant Chang a wealthy inheritor of a large business trying to buy Chen Yanfei’s family resort.   Wei Qianxiang plays the extremely cute brother of Chen Yanfei who meets Joanna Zeng after taking in her runaway son.  And guess whose character Joanna Zeng’s character is the sister of? Bryant Chang!   Yuan Chengjie plays Joanna Zeng’s ex-lover, while Yang Rong plays Bryant Chang’s fiancee.  Zou Tingwei is in love with either Yang Rong or Chen Yanfei, or both.

Wei Qianxiang is my favorite male in both of the currently-airing dramas I’m following (X-Agent and this).

14 thoughts on ““Our Love” begins airing!

  1. where can i watch ep 2 and more because i can’t find a single episode T.T
    i’ve try with viki but it won’t work at all.

  2. can you please tell me where i can the english subtitle of this drama? i am looking this drama and it is getting more interesting. this is my first chinese drama. I had never seen chinese drama before. I don’t understand what they are saying but i can understand some of them coz i am learning chinese basics. :) ;) if anyone can help me, i will be very grateful. Please suggest.

      • What is viki?? I don’t know about it. Can you please send me the link of it?? I will be grateful..

        • I checked the series in viki. But no sign of it. Can you please recommend me another website so that I can see it. Please help.

        • I don’t know where else to look. Most mainland drama are not subbed because of a lack of dedicated oversea fangirls (lol) sorry

  3. Is this a mainland production? I LOVE how it’s not dubbed, at least it doesn’t sound dubbed! The acting is good, the story is good, the actors are cute, the cloth are right, the cuteness is cute, the romance is cute, the little boy is adorable! AHHH! I LOVE THIS DRAMA!!!!

    I like how they kind of ease into the love story, as in the female lead doesn’t think about the guy 24/7 just because they kissed. That part of the idol drama plot always bothered me…

    • It’s a mainland production by a Taiwanese producer. I’m pretty sure at least the two leads’ voices are their own, although I’m not sure if it’s dubbed.
      I like how even though it’s a Cinderella story, the main female character isn’t just klutzy but actually has skills and talent (ones that complement the male character’s), and the male character isn’t just an ungrateful brat.
      Also, the brother-sister interactions are so cute!

      • I like the fact that she’s not innocent in the traditional sense; her straight forwardness, sarcasm, and socially awkwardness makes her much more relatable than the female leads in other Cinderella remakes. I like the fact that the romance seems to take a backseat to the sibling love.

        I wonder if the ex-girlfriend is going to reappear later… I think the brother may get his heartbroken when the real father is revealed, I mean it looked it the father didn’t know about the pregnancy when he left…

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