Photoshoot Friday: April 12, 2013

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01. Liu Yuxin . The actress is most recently seen donning bikinis in Zhejiang TV’s celebrity diving show “Splash.”

The difference between Photoshoot Friday and normal Photoshoot round ups is that you are guaranteed photo shoot round ups on Fridays. (And no other days, it seems). How exciting.

In this inaugural issue of our Photoshoot Friday….we feature Cao Yang, classy against Gothic architecture; Zhang Yixin colorful and contemporary. Han Geng makes an appearance too, either as a white-star studded star or someone who doesn’t know what to do with his Christmas lights. Yu Haoming is manly as he hangs out with his equine friends. Also, Xu Dongdong has cool pink lipstick.

02. Xu Dongdong, variations here.

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03. Cao Yang – find more here photo 704_930736_297782_zps8f5b5c09.jpg

04. Zhang Yixin  here

05. Han Geng, with more here.

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06. Yu Haoming, with more here.
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  1. When I saw the Han Geng ones, I thought it looked like he was playing with Christmas lights, and then they exploded on him in the other shots. xD

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