“I am singer” to air live in theatres across China

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Who are you rooting for?


Boasting some of cpop’s most wellknown singers and state-of-the-art sound systems, the 3-hour finale of music competition  “I am singer” will be also be airing live in movie theatres across China on Friday night.

In addition to established musicians and competitors Yu Quan, Aska Yang, Huang Qishan, Terry Lin, Winnie Hsin, Zhou Xiaoou and Peng Jiahui, there will also be guest duets from Jam Hsiao, Deng Chao, Tan weiwei, Li Quan, Emil Chau, The One, Shunzi. Former contestants Laure Shang, Paul Wong of Beyond, Sha Baoliang, Chen Ming, and siblings  Qi Qin and Qi Yu will also perform.

Will you be watching live? Who are you rooting for? What have been your favorite performances from the show?

3 thoughts on ““I am singer” to air live in theatres across China

  1. I’m a bit iffy about her song choices on the show, but Huang Qishan is one of the best Chinese singers around. All the Super Girls should take a belting masterclass from her.

    On the other hand, I don’t get Terry Lin’s appeal at all. Sure, he can sing, but his style and tone do nothing for me. I don’t understand how he keeps winning… T _ T

    Kind of excited for Tan Weiwei, though. She’s probably the best technical singer out of all the Super Girls throughout the seasons.

    • I think Terry Lin’s voice is really pleasant, and I liked his performances a lot more than Huang Qishan’s. I find her voice really harsh and difficult to listen to. I had expected him to win given how well he’s been doing. Happy that Yu Quan won, though, since they’re my favorite.

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