Weibo Wednesday: April 3-10

Welcome to Weibo Wednesday! With this new feature, we’re hoping to expose readers to some of the cuteness, funniness, and downright weirdness that sometimes pops up on Sina Weibo. Even if you don’t have a Weibo or don’t understand Chinese, you can still follow along. And if you have your own favorite Weibo posts from this past week, feel free to share them in the comments!

This week:

于波: 二郎有情!三郎有意!今朝有酒今朝醉,今朝没酒喝"白开水",有时候有时候,宁愿选择不放手,等到风景都看透,也许你会陪我看细水长流。晚一天的愚人节快乐!于波敬上。

Period war movie Saving General Yang (忠烈杨家将) opened in theaters this past Thursday to much general excitement, due to all the hot guys in it. All of the Yang family sons got along very well on set, but Vic Chou (third son) and Yu Bo (second son) get bonus points for fanservice.

Erlang [second son] and Sanlang [third son] are good friends!* If there is wine right now, then right now is when we’ll get drunk. If there is no wine right now, then we’ll drink plain water. Sometimes, sometimes, I would rather choose not to let go, and wait until I see beyond the scenery. Maybe you will keep me company as I go about this little by little. A belated Happy April Fool’s Day! Sincerely, Yu Bo.

* Can also be interpreted to mean they’re interested in each other.

杨幂: 记得一个发布会上,当时我重感冒,一直忍着不敢流鼻涕,因为没有纸…这时某人的适时的抵来一张纸巾,体贴的说:"快偷偷擦擦吧,我温暖无比〜但话没说完:得用这左半边儿阿,因为另一半儿我刚用过了…某人就是谭某某,我们的第一次合作是开始于同一张擦鼻涕纸..今天她进组啦,欢迎@谭维维

On an even cuter note, Yang Mi shares how she and Tan Weiwei first met. The two will be working together for Micro Times (微时代之恋·初恋篇), Yang Mi’s first production project.

I remember being very sick with a cold during a press conference, and I could only endure it, I didn’t dare have a runny nose because I didn’t have any tissues with me… At that time, someone sent over a tissue at just the right time, and said considerately, “Hurry, secretly wipe your nose.” The warmth I felt was incomparable~ But she hadn’t finished: “You have to use the left half, because I just used the other half…” That person was Tan Moumou. Our first collaboration began with the same tissue to wipe our noses.. Today, she’s entered the group. Welcome @Tan Weiwei.

张靓颖: 字嘛!(#^.^#)直面!大概从我初中快结束的样子,就得自己交学费,成年后又太早进入一年飞一百万公里的状态。写字的时间还多不过打字的时间。当然,字还是必需得练!正因为自己就是贫富差距现实家庭的产物,也才有了会上的那些话。关于学习,我只能说,我会用我的余生去补回我的童年。

If you’ve ever wanted to see Jane Zhang‘s handwriting, here you go! A netizen posted a photo of a draft from this year’s Boao Forum for Asia (博鳌亚洲论坛) and guessed that the handwritten notes were by Jane (see slightly larger version here), which she confirmed. Apparently, some netizens think her handwriting is ugly, but I think it’s rather cute!

Characters! Face it directly with a ^.^! It was around when junior high was about to end that I had to pay for my own tuition. After I grew up, I too quickly entered into the situation where I fly 100 kilometers per year. The time I spent writing is not more than the time I spend typing. Of course, one must still practice writing characters! It’s because I’m a result of a realistic family from the gap between the poor and the rich, that I had those things to say during the gathering. Regarding learning, I can only say that I will use remaining years to make up for my childhood.

黄晓明: 当钢铁侠遇到钢钉侠,我们是相亲相爱一家人,因为我们是钢铁版的s.h.e(蛇)

Huang Xiaoming met Robert Downey, Jr., who was in Beijing to promote Iron Man 3. After sustaining a foot injury in November of last year, Xiaoming has had four steel nails in his left foot and has been referring to himself as “Iron Nail Man,” a nod to the Marvel superhero.

When Iron Man meets Iron Nail Man, we will be a family, bound by deep emotions, because we are the iron version of s.h.e (snake)

華研國際音樂北京: #倪安东#关注华研国际音乐官方微博,评论并转发此微博再@五个好友。5天后我们将随机抽选朋友获得倪安东《WAKE UP》专辑(2位)。

Everyone loves giveaways, right? Win one of two copies of Anthony Neely‘s second album WAKE UP! To be eligible, you must (1) be following the HIM Music Weibo, (2) comment on and reblog the Weibo post, (3) @ five of your friends in your reblog. Winners will be selected on the 12th.

王力宏: 爸爸媽媽弟弟也都來悉尼了! 明天是我第一次在澳洲開演唱會! 晚安,明天見!

Wang Leehom‘s parents and younger brother visited him in Sydney as Leehom held his first ever concert in Australia. He performed in Sydney on the 6th and in Melbourne on the 9th, and will be heading to London afterward. (And while we’re on the topic of P. Sherman, 42 Wallaby Way Sydney… Finding Nemo sequel, anyone?)

Not related at all, Li Yundi started writing his Weibo in music tones. His Weibo post of “3331 55 33313 5531555567132” corresponds to the tune to a children’s song with the lines “Where is spring? Where is spring? Spring is in the eyes of little children.”

林更新: 请把这个可怜的男孩领回家。

Bu Bu Jing Xin‘s Fourteenth Prince Lin Gengxin may not be appearing in the modern-day sequel, but he seems to have found something to busy himself with in the meantime.

Please bring this pitiful boy home.

林更新: 3个裙子,5个尾巴,6个发光的东西…..

And here he is again, showing off another style change.

3 skirts, 5 tails, and 6 shining things…..

蒋劲夫: 深更半夜粗来九四要吓你滴〜〜〜

Not to be outdone, Jiang Jinfu attempted to bring boy hairclips back into style. (Or maybe just into style, I’m not sure if they ever were in style.)

Came out late at night just to frighten you~~~

谢娜: 工作现场我特别开心的拍了好多单人照,回来以后恐怖的发现每张相片后面都有同一个人 有没有人管啊

Xie Na showed off some selcas of herself at work, only to discover that a certain He Jiong was photobombing every single one.

While at the work location, I took many single-person shots with particular happiness. Only when I returned did I discover with terror that there was the same person in the back of each photo. Is there anyone to take care of this?

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