Cast finalized for Song in the Clouds: Why isn’t Yu Zheng bankrupt yet?

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(Disclaimer: The views expressed in this post are jjss08’s, and not Cfensi’s.) In response to my own question…because he still manages to make money off of those other adorable adaptations he makes. Regardless, this means that I will be in a corner crying while he makes another mockery  of history, filming for his new drama Song in the Clouds (adaptation of Tong Hua’s novel.  Btw, its prequel Desert Melody still hasn’t been passed by SARFT, partly due to history fans who’s been calling SARFT every day to protest it.) has recently begun. The cast was finalized, with Chen Xiao playing Liu Bingyi and Su Qing playing Xu Pingjun…actually they aren’t the main characters. They’re just my historical favorites (historically speaking). Angelababy will play the actual lead, (Huo) Yunge and Lu Yi will play Liu Fuling, her romantic interest #1, with Du Chun playing Meng Jue, love interest #2. Yang Rong will be playing Huo Chengjun, the evil daughter of Huo Guang (spoiler alert!) who probably would not have been able to be so evil in history, given the fact that she was thirteen when Liu Bingyi became emperor and just sixteen when her mother poisoned Xu Pingjun. 

Evidently jjss08 is very hung up over this. The cast is fine – better than Mickey He for Liu Bingyi, of course. And no Yuan Shanshan for Yunge, I suppose.

Also, idarklight is mourning at the fact that the designer for this is the one who did “Beauties of the Emperor” and not the one from “Schemes of a Beauty,” so even the clothes won’t be authentic.

7 thoughts on “Cast finalized for Song in the Clouds: Why isn’t Yu Zheng bankrupt yet?

  1. In all honesty, I couldn’t care less about this. As long as Chen Xiao is in it, that’s all that matters to me. Oh and Yang Rong as well. Became quite fond of her lately.

  2. Su Qing and Chen Xiao would make such a great lead pair <3
    But both of the other two male roles are really too old for their roles (Lu Yi's role died at the age of 20) . Yang Rong may not be young, but she looks young, whereas neither of the other two male leads can pull off a young feel. I don't know how the author felt that Du Chun is right for Meng Jue …. Du Chun may have had some pretty decent roles, but he definitely has not pulled off any "weak pretty boy" and "scheming gentleman" roles.
    Also, is this Angelababy's first leading TV series? O_o What is she thinking?!

    P.S. … why does Yu Zheng still use that designer? While she does good job with fantasy films like the original "Chinese Ghost Story" and the new "Painted Mural," her outfits are so historically inaccurate and flashy that they really don't work with Yu Zheng's dramas. I wish whoever did Schemes of a Beauty could do this.

    • I’m not that concerned about the ages, since they’re all too old for their historical counterparts…although Du Chun gives off a more straightforward, “robust” feeling than anything else. Liu He’s casting choice isn’t that great either. (Sigh. Hedoesn’tfithedoesn’tfit…)

      but in other ways the casting is so much better than I expected, which makes me even sadder…I wonder how faithful Yu Zheng will be to the book? As faithful as he is to real history? As faithful as he was to Swordsman?

      …But what am i saying? I’m not going to like it anyways because of how Liu Bingyi is characterized as a scheming jerk TT_______TT whine, whine, whine.

      • But, but, he promised Qiao Zhenyu and Zheng Shuang!!! They would’ve been perfect for these roles…. Do you know if this has been passed by SARFT yet?

        • Do you mean Qiao Zhenyu and Zheng Shuang for Liu He and Hongyi? No, I think he chose Bao Beier for Liu He. (That guy who was Deng Chao’s helper in Mural, I think? And Gong 2, apparently. Judging from the pictures I saw of him..he really looks more like a kindly uncle than a handsome, wild prince.

          Not sure if SARFT passed it yet. There was talk of transferring the setting to a jianghu one, to bypass the historical complaints, but I’m not sure. I read somewhere that it already started filming, though.

          • Way back in time, before BBJX was even released, Yu Zheng had suggested Zheng Shuang as Cloudsong, Qiao Zhenyu as Liu Fuling and Du Chun as Mengjue.

            I think that’s how Dessert Melody is trying to pass off (by changing everyone’s names in the dubbing). Doesn’t seem to be working, though, probably because even when you change the names, the arguments are still problematic in Desert Melody.

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