Yan Kuan proposes to Du Ruoxi; success!

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The two posing for their new drama Love, Love 恋了爱了

Sunday, April 7, actor Yan Kuan proposed to his long-time girlfriend Du Ruoxi before an audience of 500. (There’s a video of the event here.) Afterwards, he jubilantly weibo’d: ” 09, we met at the airport, your warm smile was deeply impressed on my heart. 10, it was negative eight degrees in Hebei, we warmed each other at the foot of the Great wall. 11, you hugged a little dog at a hotel in Yunnan while I took pictures. 12, in the hospital, I clutched at your hand in the hospital and we weathered the obstacles together. 13, today, you agreed (to marry me), thank you for your trust, this is my responsibility. I love you.”

Both cried at the scene. Du Ruoxi was speechless, but she weibo’d as well…”In that sort of situation, I became dumb, but I believe that you knew what I wanted to say was yes I do!!I Love you !!

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