Music Monday: April 8, 2013

994_wpm_hiresMusic Monday is one of the new “themed posts” we’ll be starting on Cfensi. It is a collection of music related videos that caught our attention during the week. The collection ranges from audio or MV to competition performance to choreography. These posts will be open thread so feel free to share your favorites in the comment section.

Lets start with something light…

When a Wolf Falls in Love with a Sheep” is performed by the lead singer of a Taiwanese electronic music group The Girl and The Robots (女孩与机器人) Riin. This cute little tune also served as the theme song to a Taiwanese romantic comedy by the same name starring Ke Zhendong, Jian Manshu, and Guo Shuyao.

My Everything” is the debut single for boy band Doublex2 (Double Double). After all the mature, suductive, flashy, cutie, and synchronized boy bands this song is refreshing. Kind of reminds me of those 90s boy band love songs.

Meanwhile, pwning all boy bands is duo Yu Quan as they cover  to  Beyond’s “Earth” on “I am singer” with a live Chinese folk instruments band.

Flame is a release by rap group Dragon Well Raps (龙井说唱). Continuing their trend of positive lyrics, this song is about being a proactive about changing your life for the better instead of passively complaining.

This is the English version of Edell Ai‘s Fighting Girls. The cyan mist over the basic black and white MV worked really well with this little sassy jazzy remake.

Some of you might know how much I LOVE SPY! This is an old rehearsal video of them dancing to A-Mei‘s Hostage.

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  1. Is anyone else reminded of Twilight when they saw the title ““When a Wolf Falls in Love with a Sheep” … except I think it was lion in Twilight? (don’t judge XD )

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