Tian Liang, Li Xiaopeng, Li Na, Lin Dan, Zhou Jihong to head “Splash”


“I jump, you jump. ” – actual words Tian Liang used to convince Twins to jump. Except this time, the male’s probably the one to survive.

What other show would have divers Tian Liang and Li Na as the the coaches, gymnast Li Xiaopeng and diver Zhou Jihong as the judges, and badminton player Lin Dan* as a guest?  That’s a total of fourteen Olympic medals, not to mention the fact that since Zhou Jihong is responsible for all of China’s diving medals as the head coach of the Chinese diving coach since the 2000 Olympics.

“Spash 中国星跳跃,” one of the two celebrity diving shows airing this week, will  also feature Charlene Choi, who was going to do a synchronised dive with fellow Twins member Gillian Chung before Gillian had to pull out because of a heart condition, philanthropist Chen Guangbiao, actress Eva Huang Shengyi, actor Gao Hu, actress  Liu Xinyu (BuBuJingXin), actor  Shi Xiaolong, singer Chae Yeon, singer Xuan Zi, etc.

Watch Tian Liang’s ad for “Splash” below.

*unconfirmed, but not unlikely since the gymnastics-diving-badminton teams are managed by the same company, a seed company of Li-Ning that’s headed by the now-retired Li Xiaopeng.

1 thought on “Tian Liang, Li Xiaopeng, Li Na, Lin Dan, Zhou Jihong to head “Splash”

  1. So I watched ep. 1 … not sure how I feel about it yet. I really don’t like the scoring system for Splash because it’s just based on how much it looks like you’re trying, and I also think it’s kind of silly to have the entire national team be cheerleaders for a bunch of amateurs. Also not a big fan of Zhang Tielin. The back-story editting is a lot better than the American Splash episode I watched, though, so I think they should focus a bit more on that. Since they do have the national team, I would also like to see them use that to their advantage.
    For example, they should’ve opened with something like the Li-Ning ad (especially since they have Zhou Jihong) and made it seem more important and exciting, and then focus a bit on how amazing their judges are and the how the celebs are continuing a history of excellence.

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