“Hello, Gorgeous” releases stills

luxuriantgens lidongxue godfreygao

Classic quarreling couple, as portrayed by Li Xuedong and Godfrey Gao.

More stills from drama Hello, Gorgeous 华丽一族  starring Li Xinru, Godfrey Gao and Li Xuedong.   The series is currently airing two episodes a week every Saturday-Sunday on Hunan TV.

luxuriantgens godfreygaoluxuriantgens lixinruluxuriantgens lidongxue girl luxuriantgens lidongxue

5 thoughts on ““Hello, Gorgeous” releases stills

  1. I don’t understand, this drama’s been airing for a few weeks now and they’re ONLY releasing the stills? Shouldn’t it be before to help build up the anticipation??

    • This was released like months before it was out, before they had changed the English name. XD I had originally wanted to wait until a few episodes had aired so that when people see the stills, they can go watch more than just four episodes, and then I kept forgetting …

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