Another Photoshoot round up

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Up-and-coming singer Wang Ximan features in a very peaceful and pretty photoshoot in the feature photo for this post; unfortunately, the rest of the shoot does not give much variety. Actress. Gwei Lun-mei (Gui Lunmei) also shows up in this set, looking calm for ELLE, whereas Zhang Ziyi poses with a guy who really needs to reconsider his hairstyle (in a photo shoot for Vogue). Meanwhile, Tong Liya welcomes spring in gauzy dresses and Guo Fucheng shows off his equine friends; Qin Lan makes an appearance in black and white, and the set ends with a sample from Zhao Wei’s photoshoot for CG (most of which was meant to show how sexy she can be). 

01. Gui Lunmei, more here.
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 photo 704_926545_350569_zpsf5366316.jpg

02. Zhang Ziyi, more here.
 photo 704_888827_223326_zps5b362cb9.jpg
 photo 704_888829_452946_zpscaaa327c.jpg

03. Tong Liya, more here.
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 photo 704_927291_390563_zps1ad03e76.jpg

04. Guo Fucheng, more here.
 photo 704_927401_824587_zps46e5034e.jpg

 photo 704_927404_539034_zps3b642eab.jpg

05. Qin Lan: more here
 photo 704_928122_994039_zps62f3063e.jpg

06. Zhao Wei – more here.
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