Jiang Kaitong, Han Chengyu do a fancy photoshoot


Jiang Kaitong also wishes her company would spend more on good scriptwriters instead of only trying to  make everything look pretty.

Mango Films actors Jiang Kaitong and Han Chengyu does a fancy photoshoot together. I really like how  Mango Films spends a lot of money to actually package their artists with great outfits and photography/cinematography.

Jiang Kaitong is currently filming drama Love Shine 爱闪亮 with Jones Xu (!) and Van Fan.
Han Chengyu is still attending school at the Beijing Film Academy, but you can watch the latest photos for his upcoming Qiongyao drama Like Flower Like Fog 花非花雾非雾 here.

More of the shoot here and below the cut.


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