MIC’s Big Win @ HKAMF


Is this “Hangover III” in the making?

The 3rd Annual Asian-Pop Music Festival was held in Hong Kong on the 22nd. MIC participated in the new-comer category as Mainland representative. During the first round, MIC performed their singles “Get it Hot” and “Hangover II“, placing them in the top 3 for the final round. They were also award with the “Popularity Award” and “Best Stage Performance Award” in this round. The boys performed acapella version of “American Pie” followed by a dance break. Congratulation to the boys for winning “Asia’s Best New Rising Star” at The Hong Kong Asian-Pop Music Festival this year.

Watch the performance below (I love it when they do acappella =)

Source: xinhua, MIC Weibo

6 thoughts on “MIC’s Big Win @ HKAMF

  1. Their songs are great. I usually don’t like the boy-bands, but I think that they are somehow different from korean and japanese bands, they really deserve they popularity in Mainland China. I hope that their populatity will grow in TW, HK and the rest of Asia.

    • I always thought they looked odd together. Jason’s extreme hyperactive and Leo’s like so chill all the time lol Maybe in a larger group the contrast wouldn’t be so apparent. Hope Jason will keep going as a soloist.

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