Li Bingbing for Harper’s Bazaar, by Chen Man


Li Bingbing in an extremely divers photoshoot, showing you she’s pretty in all colors.

Actress Li Bingbing does a series of Hollywood-themed photographs for Harper’s Bazaar, titled The Age of Innocence, China Doll, Hunted and A Fearless Lady.   More below the cut and on Sina here.


Li bingbing’s biggest obstacle in LA? Cooking, apparently.

I think it’s interesting that while the photoshoot focuses on some typical Asian actress roles in Hollywood (exotic doll and martial arts master), it takes care to shoot her in non-typical ways, like in Age of Innocence and A Fearless Lady.  Unfortunately, it seems unlikely that  major roles of those types will feature Asian actresses anytime soon.



4 thoughts on “Li Bingbing for Harper’s Bazaar, by Chen Man

  1. She’s a natural elfin-like beauty with features that are not the typical mongoloid that caucasians tend to tag to asians. I can see her styled as Elizabeth Taylor as she literally smoulders off the pages. Her main achilles’ heel is her English and accent, if she can overcome that, more roles could open up. She’s just Ms Perfect looks wise, beautiful body, beautiful face, beautiful hair.

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