Han Geng injures himself, but still looks great on “Stars in Danger: The High Dive”

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Bleeding? Bandage wrist support? Bring it on!

Han Geng recently injured his mouth after forgetting to shut it during a jump off the 3m platform.  Bleeding ensued, but he was luckily fine and bravely continued to dive later that night. I’m so happy that both TV shows seem to really actually be trying to make the stars work for it, especially given the ridiculous amazing world-class coaches the stars get.

Han Geng will be heading an all star list that includes Vanness Wu, Fu Xinbo, Chen Chusheng, Li Xiaoshuang (?!) the gymnast, Liu Xuan (!!!) the gymnast, Huang Zheng and Sha Baoliang , not to mention diving rock stars Hu Jia , Xiong Ni and Gao Min.  Watch Han Geng’s super pretty promo for it below from xinger geng@YouTube, and expect a post for probably every promo for either diving competition.

6 thoughts on “Han Geng injures himself, but still looks great on “Stars in Danger: The High Dive”

    • Fu Xinbo hasn’t officially been announced as a competitor yet, but some of his management friends have put up a few photo/gif’s of him training. I think the Han Geng and Vanness promos are the only ones out so far.

  1. Ah, so… 星跳水立方 and 中国星跳跃 are different shows, with 中国星跳跃 being the official, licensed version of the original Dutch program, and 星跳水立方 is its own thing? Or is it the other way around?
    Stars In Danger seems the better produced of the two, by far. But the celebrities seem to wear less revealing attire in this one… hmm.

    Vanness’s promo is out, too~

    • 中国星跳跃 is based on the Dutch “Splash,” and 星跳水立方 is based on the German show “Stars in Danger: High Diving.” The two shows have actually been fighting a legal battle in international courts I think?
      From what I’ve read, the major difference is that Splash follows the same group of divers through, whereas Stars in Danger switches people each episode, which accounts for why the Splash stars are not as high-profile (except for Chen Guangbiao … it’ll be interesting to see him dive) .

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