Tang Yan Opens Fire in Upcoming Action Drama “Agent X”

Tang Yan reminding you to count the number of shots fired in the trailer (aka once every other scene).

After a tragic romance in A Beauty in Troubled Times (乱世佳人), Tang Yan and Luo Jin team up again, this time as secret service agents in the upcoming action drama Agent X (X女特工). The drama will begin airing on March 26th.

The drama is centered around three female characters — Zhong Li (Tang Yan), Tan Ruiling (Lv Yi from Fairy in Wonderland), and Luo Yifei (Wang Di) — who are chosen to become special agents. During their training, the three become close friends and develop into cool-headed, experienced, and tenacious secret service agents. Luo Jin plays military instructor He Junfeng, a stern man who can be at times domineering and at times profound.

Check out the two trailers below, although the first one doesn’t reveal much of the plot and is mostly just action. The second shows more talking scenes, but they seem a bit haphazardly thrown together. I can’t imagine the plot being too terrible, though, since the script was polished over the course of two years. On the action side, Luo Jin and Tang Yan reportedly did the majority of their stunts themselves in order to make their scenes more realistic.

Trailers for “Agent X” below, thanks to cfs82 and lalalaiTzME @YouTube:

Second trailer and a few more stills behind the cut:

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    • Love this photoshoot! I feel like it’s kind of unfortunate because Tang Yan’s playing all these roles of supposedly fierce women, but none of them actually are. I really hope she’s actually awesome in this drama.

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