Photoshoot Round Up: Loads of Color

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There’s only one picture of a male (Wallace Huo) in this round up…but don’t worry, it’s all you need. 

Though, if you’re only going to look at one of the photo shoots in this batch, look at Ni Ni‘s shoot for Cosmopolitan –  it’s incredible how well she’s pulled off those neon colors. Yuan Shanshan also did one for Cosmo, from which a few pictures have been posted below (there, the vegetation varies more than her expresions). Zhang Lanxin is also quite tropical and posed with a parrot for Bazaar. (She has another one for L’Officiel; the colors are nice, the photoshop less so). Li Bingbing is vibrant in her shoot, also for Bazaar. Li Yuchun’s colors are darker, but that doesn’t stop her from sparkling (literally). Look below the cut!

01. Ni Ni for Cosmopolitan (more here) photo 704_905155_755741_zpsa29e5ddb.jpg

 photo 704_905159_420449_zps16ebb5e8.jpg

02. Zhang Lanxin (more here) photo 704_908796_968843_zps9a012a93.jpg
 photo 704_917577_393613_zpsc6eea7bf.jpg
 photo 704_917578_687097_zps875d3303.jpg

03. Yuan Shanshan for Cosmopolitan (more here) photo 704_909102_855070_zps4d5aac03.jpg
 photo 704_909105_602165_zpscf9fc704.jpg

04. Li Bingbing (more here)
 photo 704_917103_959353_zpsaaef9902.jpg
 photo 704_917107_596842_zps55829b56.jpg

And here’s Wallace Huo. More here.
 photo 21242_1738765_913874_zps48761c60.jpg

05. Li Yuchun here.
 photo 704_914967_681772_zps363f699e.jpg
 photo 704_914964_634881_zps143ccc7b.jpg

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  1. YOU’RE RIGHT, that one picture of Wallace was all I needed! *swoons*

    Ni Ni is gorgeous, her photoshoot is my favorite out of this round-up. :D

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