Palace III: releases stills


Could Yuan Shanshan finally be getting a real lead role? Or will she be edged out like in The Swordsman by another homosexual-turned-heterosexual relationship?

Following Palace I and II, Palace III: The phoenix returns/Lian Cheng tells of a (shock) birth mix-up that has the real princess (Yuan Shanshan) replaced with a commoner (Lu Yi) for inheritance reasons.    The new drama from Yu Zheng Workshops features Lu Yi, Yuan Shanshan, Yang Rong, Gao Yunxiang, Alyssa Chia, Dai Jiaoqian,  and Wang Lin.

More stills below the cut and here.


10 thoughts on “Palace III: releases stills

  1. Yan Rong is always lovely! But Yuan Shan Shan is just not likeable, not saying she’s ugly, she can be pretty in a (in general) but she just don’t have that likeable look and character, PERIOD. Making her the lead again and again is just not going anywhere, Gong II wasn’t for me at all. Don’t know about this one, maybe because Yan Rong looks quite interesting (although she also failed being cute in Swordsman like Yuan Shan Shan).

    • I agree with her not being natural “cute” in Swordsman, but she is quite adorable in Costmetology High. She have improved in the cuteness department. Have you seen it?

  2. o_______o Yet another season of Gong?? I thought that Gong II was not very well received…would’ve thought that they would stop there.

    • Gong II had really high ratings (viewership-wise), I think the highest of the year for Hunan TV?

      Also… anyone hear that Yu Zheng got beat up by an actor ? (confirmed by his workshop)

      • Whoa really? O: I had a huge misconception then, ignore what I said before. T_T

        No I didn’t hear about that!! What happened? *goes to look it up*

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