Celebrity microblogger, Liang Huan, ranks Chinese singers

Almost 20 years since her passing, is Teresa Teng still the best Chinese singer?

Last week, Liang Huan 梁欢, who is probably a man, compiled a list of Chinese singers on her his Weibo, allocating points in increments of five, alongside some brutally honest criticism (e.g., Jolin Tsai: “dance moves accompanied by bad vocals”). Since then, her his post has been retweeted—or the Weibo equivalent—tens of thousands of times. Some fans, notably those of Han Geng, have derided the low scores of their idols.

How do your favourites stack up?

Liang Huan’s “My Heart’s Ranking of Chinese Singers’ Vocals”:
I’ve searched for their live performances so that you don’t have to!

[Chinese lesson of the day: 分 means points (it also means minutes)]

0分: Yang Mi 杨幂, Meng Fei 孟非

5分: A-shin 阿信 (Mayday), Han Geng 韩庚, Huang Xiaoming 黄晓明

10分: “Vae” Xu Song 许嵩, “JER” Leng Xian 冷弦

15分: Philip Lau 武艺, Li Yuchun 李宇春

20分: Aaron Kwok 郭富城, Jolin Tsai 蔡依林

25分: Cheer Chen 陈绮贞, Crowd Lu 卢广仲

30分: Anson Hu 胡彦斌

35分: Khalil Fong 方大同

40分: Stefanie Sun 孙燕姿, Fish Leong 梁静茹

45分: Zhang Jie 张杰

50分: Jam Hsiao 萧敬腾, Jane Zhang 张靓颖

55分: Aska Yang 杨宗纬, Victor Wong 品冠

60分: JJ Lin 林俊杰, Wang Leehom 王力宏

65分: Terry Lin 林志炫, Sha Baoliang 沙宝亮

70分: Sun Nan 孙楠, Gary Chaw 曹格

75分: Liu Huan 刘欢

80分: Jacky Cheung 张学友, Sandy Lam 林忆莲

85分: Wakin Chau 周华健, Faye Wong 王菲

90分: Harlem Yu 庾澄庆, A-mei 张惠妹

95分: Eason Chan 陈奕迅

100分: Teresa Teng 邓丽君

10 thoughts on “Celebrity microblogger, Liang Huan, ranks Chinese singers

  1. Honestly this list sucks. Teresa Teng was a legend, but that doesn’t mean she had the best voice. Wang Leehom is good musically, but his voice isn’t the best either. Jane should be above most people on this list, and Stephanie Sun deserves higher too. Sandy Lam is so basic…why is she scored so high?
    Where is alan? Han Hong? Daolang? GEM? Yun Duo? Tan Wei Wei? Wei Chen? Li Yu er and Shitou?
    Like someone above me said, it looks like this person is just biased towards people of the older generation who have had longer careers.

    • Teresa Teng had a really strong voice. It doesn’t really shine through in her classics, where we’re probably more familiar with her soft and gentle tones. But when she sang in English, she could really belt it out with the best of them.
      But I agree with you on most of those assessments. Leehom is a mediocre vocalist, and Jane should be at least on par with A-mei. G.E.M. is at that level, too.

      I guess my one controversial opinion is that I don’t think Alan is a great singer. She’s not a bad singer by any means. But I feel that much of her vocal appeal stems from her Tibetan singing style, and by that standard, she’s not the best.
      Compare Alan’s 青藏高原 with Soinam Wangmo’s version, for example:

    • I think like what I said earlier, this person said that after Jane Zhang aka the cut-off line for a really good singer, he mostly ranks them based on quality of music produced.
      Also Wei Chen isn’t a bad singer per se, but he probably wouldn’t rank that high in terms of vocals (remember back in Super Boys days when he completely went off-tone for one of the songs?)

  2. I’m surprised that Jay Chou didn’t even make it on the list… is his vocal so bad that Yang Mi beats him….?

  3. Who is Liang Huan? 60-100分 There are a lot of men =___=
    I think that Jane Zhang’s rank should higher this, in this case look like ranks singers up to affection to singers. .

    • He’s a random internet celeb who got really famous for commenting on singers. He’s been reported both in mainland and TW quite a bit and a number of singers have actually mentioned him or been asked about him.
      Liang Huan had several cut-offs. Zhang Jie’s line is the “唱将 singing master” cut-off. After that much of his music ranking has to do with the quality/type of songs they produce and singing style

  4. Liang Huan gives several reasons for the ranking, including music production and not just purely for vocal abilities. For example, I think he said he ranked Jane Zhang/Jam Hsiao higher than Zhang Jie purely because of “better musical tastes.”

    Also, I thought “she” was a “he?”

    • You know, I thought so too, just going by the profile picture… but then a lot of articles used “她,” so I got confused. = _ =
      I think maybe I should change it…

  5. some are true like Hangeng. He’s a great dancer but not a good singer. However, there are several on here that are just absolutely just bizarre. Jane Zhang, Anson Hu and Zhang Jie should be ranked higher than Leehom Wang and some others. And where’s Wei Chen? Amguulan, Anson Hu, Pan Chen, Han Hong, etc? I think this list shows a bias towards picking artists that tend to have a longer career not necessarily because of their sole talent but due to their respective place/companies’ better management/ more advanced music industry and marketing that made them very big and be able to sustain a longer career.

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