Laure Shang Wenjie for Vogue and Marie Claire

 photo 704_907971_702061_zps576f494d.jpg

Singer Laure Shang Wenjie recently got to work with two top fashion magazine, once for Marie Claire and the other for Vogue (in a photo shoot for her THE DOOM REMIX). Look under the cut for more pictures!  photo 704_833059_927920_zps5ab67d67.jpg
 photo 704_833061_782910_zps8a5be0c1.jpg
 photo 704_833062_531073_zps39c7e1b8.jpg

For Marie Claire
 photo 704_907970_348765_zps7bbec655.jpg
 photo 704_907969_952635_zpsf3d681ca.jpg
 photo 704_907968_117178_zpscba911f6.jpg

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