The Four releases photos of the women and villains


GuiGui looking pretty as opposed to cute for the first time.

Following the spectacular male leads,  photos of the females and the villains of New The Four were released, including Zhang Junning, Bai Bing, Guigui, Jia Qing, Hao Zejia as the female leads and Qian Yonchen, Ma Wenlong, Zhou Muyin and Chen Dacheng as the villains.

Given that actors like Qian Yongchen have recently lead major dramas of their own (most significantly Yu Zheng’s The Bounty Hunter) , yet they’re playing secondary villains here, this is an impressive cast indeed.


Bai Bing follows up her role as the fox in Painted Skin II with another fox spirit.


Zhang Junning plays the main female lead who joins the Four and developes a relationship with Zhang Han’s role.


Like love rival Zhang Junning, Jia Qing also recently played a pair of twins with completely different personalities in the new TianLongBaBu. Here, she falls for Zhang Han’s role and turns against the Four in an attempt to find love.


Hao Zejia plays Zhang Han’s sister in the drama. No information on other pairings of the male-females, but the synopsis says all four has a love interest.


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