M4M – another Korean-Chinese co-produced boyband


Got  tiara crown ?

Following TimeZ (who was on Happy Camp recently), another coproduction between Beijing SS-media and Korean Cube Entertainment just debuted.   They are, however, the first one to contain only Chinese members, including two from Hong Kong, one from Taiwan, and Zhejiang.  I would rank their MV  production as a bit better than Top Combine’s, but not as good as TimeZ.  Watch them perform a few more songs here. and their MV below from fountainpark723@YouTube.

3 thoughts on “M4M – another Korean-Chinese co-produced boyband

  1. So I watched the Happy Camp ep with TimeZ … still not feeling them ( I liked the 131 group, though, but their company hasn’t gotten any better since I followed Taiwanese entertainment) . Anyone think the TimeZ leader also looks like Yang Fan from HIT-5?

  2. Am I the only one who thinks the guy @ 0:18 looks a bit like Yang Fan from Hit-5?
    And the choreography is nice, but I’m not feeling either of the songs, probably because they sound like K-Pop and I can’t stand it.
    I would have actually found them more interesting if their title track had been an R&B track or a song with a more experimental sound since club songs are getting more and more generic now that everyone is churning out one.

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