Ai Weiwei to release… a heavy metal album?

Known for his generally outspoken and often nonconformist views, Chinese artist and social critic, Ai Weiwei, seems to be taking the more traditional route by doing what every Chinese celebrity usually does at least once in his/her career—releasing a musical album.

Ai Weiwei

The heavy metal-inspired work is said to feature Ai’s typically candid social commentary, including two songs on blind activist Chen Guangcheng. Titled “Divina Commedia” in reference to Dante’s 14th century epic poem, the recording will be Ai Weiwei’s debut album and is set for an online release next month.
With his first record still in the works, the artist is reportedly also planning a sophomore album in the pop/rock genre. Somewhat apprehensively, we’ll be sure to post a review when Divina Commedia becomes available.

4 thoughts on “Ai Weiwei to release… a heavy metal album?

    • He is singing, apparently. Though I’m not sure about the songwriting. Its online release is meant to circumvent the restrictions surrounding a physical release, so I guess it will be “available” in China, too.

      • Hmm, I thought china has already placed restrictions on online releases? Or maybe i’m mixing it with microfilms. I have no idea what he sound like. This should be interesting…

        • Hm, yeah, I’m pretty sure online releases are restricted on some level, so I’m not 100% sure either…
          But, apparently, Ai Weiwei “did” write or co-write the lyrics himself, and the music was a collaborative effort with Zuoxiao Zuzhou 左小祖咒. I’m not sure how this is going to necessarily translate into “heavy metal”…

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