“Iron Man 3” releases Chinese trailer, glimpses of Wang Xueqi,Fan Bingbing


Fan Bingbing wondering why she’s even in this trailer.

A Chinese trailer for “Iron Man” was released with a few shots of Wang Xueqi,Fan Bingbing. Watch it here.

On the one hand, I’m always happy to see more Chinese actors in mainstream media, but it’s frustrating to see a trailer where the Chinese characters are randomly inserted and obviously do not belong.   In recent year, it seems like it’s become quite popular for movie to include Chinese actresses as minor roles in Hollywood films so as to use that person for extensive marketing in China. It would be nice if the degree to which those actresses are used as advertisement are actually proportionate to their relevance in the film.

5 thoughts on ““Iron Man 3” releases Chinese trailer, glimpses of Wang Xueqi,Fan Bingbing

  1. Well, take it into consideration that chinese actors have long had more connections and opportunities than korean, southeast asian, and japanese actors in mainstream western films. Maybe a combination of chinese actor’s improvement in their english and a more aggressive approach by the chinese government over foreign film regulations and broadcasting shares, the US film industry will overtime allow more chinese actors/actresses into Hollywood as they will need them more to appease both the chinese government and the general chinese masses. Sorry for my blabbering and speculations. xD

  2. A lot of Hollywood movies these days are doing the token Chinese actress thing (it’s never a male actor, unsurprisingly – __ -) in hopes that it will earn them a Mainland Chinese release within the quota system. But this is officially a co-production, so it bypasses the quota, right?

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