Bu Bu Jing Qing releases character posters


Snow White and the Five Grumpy Princes. At least dad is semi-smiling?  

The “sequel” to popular timetraveling series, Shanghai Tangren’s Bu Bu Jing Xin, has recently begun filming. The new series, titled Bu Bu Jing Qing  步步惊情, features a similar cast, but is instead a modern intrigue series.   Starring Liu Shishi, Nicky Wu, Ye Zuxin and Li Zongren from the original series and with the new edition of Sun Yizhou, Jiang Jinfu, Zeng Yike and Chen Xiang, the series released character posters today.


Emperor Yongzheng reincarnates himself as a high exec to find his true love, who unfortunately never managed to find a better stylist in the past few hundred years.


Sun Yizhou moves out of iPartment to become the heir of a large corporation.


Jiang Jinfu plays the younger brother of Sun Yizhou. What kind of century is this that only the eldest inherits a company?


Ye Zuxin appears to not be a third son, although his earring may indicate a connection with Jiang Jinfu?


Chen Xiang plays an ex.  Also joining the cast from eeMedia is Zeng Yike, who plays LIu Shishi’s best friend.

9 thoughts on “Bu Bu Jing Qing releases character posters

  1. Everyone looks really…drab in these pictures. Not really sure why. o_O Might be the coloring.

    And yaay, Chen Xiang! Somewhat related question — did anyone watch Runaway Sweetheart? I’m about 1/3 of the way through, and Chen Xiang’s acting is surprisingly not that bad… I can’t say the same about the female lead, though. =_=

    • I finished the Runaway Sweetheart series. Over all I liked it, but could not stand the female lead. She was either annoying, stupid, or both at any given time. I thought I read somewhere that the show went through a lot to find her and that her casting was some big secret. I cannot believe this is what they found after all that. Chen Xiang surprised me with his performance. I also like how they added to the story for Chai Ge and Tan Lina (they are so cute!).

  2. Noooo where is my 13th and 14th!

    And seriously Zeng Yike???? what are they thinking (I really really hope that she doesn’t sing the theme song)

    • Lin Gengxin was in(still is in?) a pretty big conflict with Tangren and will probably not be in any Tangren series for a while …13th went to do a real Tonghua series.

      Also, I thought Zeng Yike was decent as Liu Yifei’s bbf in Wang leehom’s movie. I hope Chen Xiang can sing, though, but he might just be a guest star.

      • I know 8th and 13th are currently filming Hua Xu Yin so wouldn’t be able to film this (even though I wished they chose BBJX 2 instead, since I have a multitude of issues with the production of HXY)

        I haven’t seen Zeng Yike’s acting so I am willing to give her a shot but I definately not a fan of her singing. Any news on the other female characters in this?

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