“Saving General Yang” Releases Posters, Stills, and New Trailer

The real reason everyone wants to see this movie. (But how come we don’t get to see any of the other brothers like this?)

After releasing an international trailer last year, upcoming war movie Saving General Yang (忠烈杨家将) recently released a grittier new trailer, along with promotional posters and stills. The film, which is based on the legend of the Yang family, in which the seven sons brave death to rescue their father, will air on April 4th, which I find depressingly appropriate.

As expected, the trailer is full of fighting and killing and yelling and horses. On average, the crew had to use about 500 horses each day when they were filming. Check out the trailer below, as well as more stills behind the cut:

Trailer for Saving General Yang, thanks to luozhelin @YouTube:

Adam Cheng as Yang Linggong (the father)

Ekin Cheng as Yang Dalang (first son)

Yu Bo as Yang Erlang (second son)
(Is it weird that, after Zai Zai, the one I’m looking forward to seeing most in this movie is Yu Bo?)

Vic Chou as Yang Sanlang (third son)

Li Chen as Yang Silang (fourth son)

Raymond Lam as Yang Wulang (fifth son)

Wu Chun as Yang Liulang (sixth son)

Fu Xinbo looking adorably anachronistic as Yang Qilang (seventh son)

And two more pics of shirtless!Wu Chun and Fu Xinbo, because why not.

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    • I don’t think it’s doing that well, but I feel like no one expected it to do well (or is it just me?) It’s pretty obvious from the cast that this movie was not going for quality, and similar idol movies have never succeeded (cough, Wu Zun’s last two movies, cough)

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