[UPDATE] Slow news week in Britain; fact checkers possibly on Easter vacation, unlikely to watch Chinese television

Iain Inglis

This week, British news outlets have been covering the story of Welshman Iain Inglis and his appearance on China’s Got Talent 中国 达人秀. Inglis’s act, which earned him a place in the Top 16 semi-final round, saw the contestant uniformed as a Red Army soldier and singing red songs 红歌 to the praise of Chairman Mao and the Communist Party.

In an unusual display of British tardiness, the novelty singer’s appearance on the show took place two seasons, and over a year, ago.

Many of the news articles have included this accompanying video:

This is not China’s Got Talent.

The set devoid of “Got Talent” props should have hinted at the misidentification. What should have made it obvious is the large China Red Song Assembly 中国红歌会 sign in the background. This footage of Inglis is actually from Jiangxi TV’s 2010 red song competition. (more…)

MIC’s Big Win @ HKAMF

Is this “Hangover III” in the making?

The 3rd Annual Asian-Pop Music Festival was held in Hong Kong on the 22nd. MIC participated in the new-comer category as Mainland representative. During the first round, MIC performed their singles “Get it Hot” and “Hangover II“, placing them in the top 3 for the final round. They were also award with the “Popularity Award” and “Best Stage Performance Award” in this round. The boys performed acapella version of “American Pie” followed by a dance break. Congratulation to the boys for winning “Asia’s Best New Rising Star” at The Hong Kong Asian-Pop Music Festival this year.

Watch the performance below (I love it when they do acappella =)

Source: xinhua, MIC Weibo

Han Geng injures himself, but still looks great on “Stars in Danger: The High Dive”

Screen shot 2013-03-20 at 1.51.22 PM
Bleeding? Bandage wrist support? Bring it on!

Han Geng recently injured his mouth after forgetting to shut it during a jump off the 3m platform.  Bleeding ensued, but he was luckily fine and bravely continued to dive later that night. I’m so happy that both TV shows seem to really actually be trying to make the stars work for it, especially given the ridiculous amazing world-class coaches the stars get.

Han Geng will be heading an all star list that includes Vanness Wu, Fu Xinbo, Chen Chusheng, Li Xiaoshuang (?!) the gymnast, Liu Xuan (!!!) the gymnast, Huang Zheng and Sha Baoliang , not to mention diving rock stars Hu Jia , Xiong Ni and Gao Min.  Watch Han Geng’s super pretty promo for it below from xinger geng@YouTube, and expect a post for probably every promo for either diving competition.

“Micro Times” release cast of fresh faces!

Every post involving Yang Mi could just be titled “Pretty people.”

Featuring eight fresh new faces supported by six veterans,  “Micro Times 微时代之恋·初恋篇” will be actress and workaholic Yang Mi’s first production.   The six celebs will be Yang Mi, Shawn Yue, Zhou Bichang, Tan Weiwei, Monica Chan and Kim Bum, but the main leads will be the eight youngsters that Yang Mi handpicked from the major acting schools and other venues.

You might remember Dilraba from one of our previous posts, and  I’m so happy she’s starring in such a big production!

Anyone remember Dilraba from Shanghai Drama Academy?

The  fashion of the drama is fresh and young like the cast, with a special costumes team hand-picked by Yang Mi and composed of mostly new graduates from major fashion institutes both in China and abroad.    Watch the character intro for the actors below.

Tiny Times releases opening scene

Anyone else a fan of this concept?

Guo Jingming’s Tiny Times the movie released another set of stills, this time of the four main leads while in school.   This is an interesting deviation from the novels since the four, with vastly different backgrounds, did not meet until college, where they are roommates.  More pretty stills of the four female leads Yang Mi, Amber Kuo, Xie Yiling and Guo Biting  below the cut. (more…)

Photoshoot Round Up: Loads of Color

 photo 704_905154_897640_zps72c8f39f.jpg

There’s only one picture of a male (Wallace Huo) in this round up…but don’t worry, it’s all you need. 

Though, if you’re only going to look at one of the photo shoots in this batch, look at Ni Ni‘s shoot for Cosmopolitan –  it’s incredible how well she’s pulled off those neon colors. Yuan Shanshan also did one for Cosmo, from which a few pictures have been posted below (there, the vegetation varies more than her expresions). Zhang Lanxin is also quite tropical and posed with a parrot for Bazaar. (She has another one for L’Officiel; the colors are nice, the photoshop less so). Li Bingbing is vibrant in her shoot, also for Bazaar. Li Yuchun’s colors are darker, but that doesn’t stop her from sparkling (literally). Look below the cut!


Tang Yan Opens Fire in Upcoming Action Drama “Agent X”

Tang Yan reminding you to count the number of shots fired in the trailer (aka once every other scene).

After a tragic romance in A Beauty in Troubled Times (乱世佳人), Tang Yan and Luo Jin team up again, this time as secret service agents in the upcoming action drama Agent X (X女特工). The drama will begin airing on March 26th.

The drama is centered around three female characters — Zhong Li (Tang Yan), Tan Ruiling (Lv Yi from Fairy in Wonderland), and Luo Yifei (Wang Di) — who are chosen to become special agents. During their training, the three become close friends and develop into cool-headed, experienced, and tenacious secret service agents. Luo Jin plays military instructor He Junfeng, a stern man who can be at times domineering and at times profound.

Check out the two trailers below, although the first one doesn’t reveal much of the plot and is mostly just action. The second shows more talking scenes, but they seem a bit haphazardly thrown together. I can’t imagine the plot being too terrible, though, since the script was polished over the course of two years. On the action side, Luo Jin and Tang Yan reportedly did the majority of their stunts themselves in order to make their scenes more realistic.

Trailers for “Agent X” below, thanks to cfs82 and lalalaiTzME @YouTube:

Second trailer and a few more stills behind the cut: