Li Sheng and casts celebrates Chinese New Year


When the 4th Prince and his granddaughter teams up for a new drama …

Li Sheng is celebrating Chinese New Year all over the place, first with Mickey He for currently airing drama Qing Cheng Jue Lian倾城绝恋 , and then with her new cast of Roy Qiu, Myolie Wu and Mao Zijun for currently filming drama Wine Beauty 美酒俏佳人. It’s rare for a mainland actress to be the lead with a really famous HK/TW actress as the supporting actress, so while I actually do like Myolie, I’m pleasantly surprised.




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    • Mainland. It’s produced by H&R Century, which is fairly new company that has a really good record. They produced all of Yu Zheng’s recent dramas and Mingdao Workshop dramas. Both Yang Mi and Hawick Lau’s producing gigs are also under them. They’ve also invested in Tiny Times the movie.

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