Yang Mi,Hawick Lau cute on the set of “Bright Midsummer Day”


Unwilling to be pwned by Yang Mi in all aspects of their careers, Hawick Lau takes up producing to catch up.

Real-life couple Yang Mi and Hawick Lau stars in their first modern drama together, Bright Midsummer Day 盛夏晚晴天, and shows their love throughout the entire process.  The drama is currently airing on the local Hunan channel.


Produced by Hawick Lau, the series tells of the story of an engagement between the two united in revenge against the male lead’s illegitimate sister, who also just stole the female lead’s fiancé. The drama is a big recommend for the leads and their great outfits, but would’ve been much better if they had  better lighting and camera.



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