Sword(s)man releases photobook


Best-looking comic relief ever?

I think I would die happy if every Chinese drama had this level of crew and  released pretty HQ photos like this.  There’s always lots to criticize about Yu Zheng, but I really love the fact that they did this photobook for the currently airing Swordman starring Wallace Huo, Chen Qiaoen, Han Dong, Yuan Shanshan, Chen Xiao, Yang Rong, Deng Sha and a lot of other pretty people. More photos of the main lead Wallace Huo here.


Yuan Shanshan is not happy because all of her scenes with Wallace Huo got replaced by Chen Qiao’en


Chen Qiaoen plays a woman dressing up a man dressing up as a woman.



Is Wu Junjie suppose to be an older version of the little girl?



When the Huan Zhu Ge Ge cast timertravels …



Never seen a pink lightsaber before?



Arrgh! Where did you hide my parrot ?


Chen Xiao reminding you that contact lenses are creepy.


7 thoughts on “Sword(s)man releases photobook

    • It seems all Yu Zheng wants to do is make idol romances out of all these collaborations -.-. While Swordsman is fine if you watch it from a romance drama, it isn’t really a good adaptation of Jin Yong’s work. I wonder why he wants to make these Wu Xia classics into romance dramas? Maybe he thinks that there are already too many adaptations? Jin Yong’s book usually allow for a lot of changes when converted into a series, but Yu Zheng might be taking it too far haha.

      • Jin Yong’s stories have some great romances, so they’re either fodder to work with. But unfortunately, scriptwriters like Yu Zheng and Tangren’s can’t really handle the depth of Jin Yong’s other themes, so they just take the romance parts and add in more romance that imo, erodes the characters. I guess with both this and LoCH, they did make really good romance dramas as long as you ignore the originals.

        But I really don’t understand the change in XLN’s character. What makes her XLN is her airy lack of human emotions. =_=

  1. Ahaha, I thought one of the characters looked like Chen Qiao En but I didn’t know she was in the drama so I thought I was just seeing things! I am confused by her character though..since she is clearly a woman even though she is dressed like a guy..and everyone addresses her as a guy. O_O

    • Chen Qiao’en original character is a very effeminate gay guy. In this version, she is a girl, but she lives as a guy, except after taking over the cult she started living as a girl again but is still pretending to be a male who just happens to cross-dress as a girl.

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