Kai Ko anticipates broadcast of “Together”with two photoshoots

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Actor Ke Zhendong (Kai Ko) recently got an opportunity to pose for both ELLE and Marie Claire; his newest movie, “Together” with Angelababy, Donnie Yen, and Michelle Chen will be released two days before Valentines Day (on the 12th). He will also be working with Yang Mi for the movie version of Tiny Times. Look below the cut to see more!  photo 704_882373_908067_zps812d3ed5.jpg  photo 704_882375_529805_zps9e848a89.jpg  photo 704_882380_254806_zps987cb962.jpg  photo 704_882381_235829_zps042e66a1.jpg

3 thoughts on “Kai Ko anticipates broadcast of “Together”with two photoshoots

  1. I thought his English name was Kai Ko? But anyway, these are really nice photoshoots. Love the coloring for the Marie Claire shots, and the teddy bear is of course adorbs. :3

    • Oh my god, I totally forgot I made this post – but I think back then I just htought, “aw, he’s so cute, he deserves his own post!” Aaaaaaaieeee <3
      * Fixed names xD

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